NBC: Bill Gates-Funded Group Replaced Veteran Poll Workers with High School Students

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Microsoft founder Bill Gates has warned that Europe has taken too many migrants and risks losing it's culture and values.

A minor NBC News article from September may shed light on why there is was so much bizarre behavior coming from urban vote counting centers in battleground states.

The article praised “young black students” who were signing up to be poll workers amidst an aggressive recruitment campaign by a Bill Gates-funded leftist group.

The “young black students” were supposedly being recruited to relieve veteran poll workers with experience in the vote counting process. The excuse of COVID-19 was used to scare some elderly poll workers into bowing out and being replaced by these ringers.

The article also noted that the Campus Vote Project was setting this operation up.

BLP report: The Campus Vote Project is a wing of the Fair Elections Center, which was funded by the New Venture Fund. The New Venture Fund has received at least $94 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Other globalist special interests – such as the Ford Foundation and the Hewlett Foundation – have given tens of millions to the project as well.

NBC News explained in their article that a “diverse group of thousands of younger Americans, ranging from 16-year-old high schoolers to college students” would be “stepping in as poll workers across the country during early voting and on Election Day.”

They also explained that other front groups, such as the Poll Workers Project and The Poll Hero Project, pushed to get more black youths registered as poll workers. Basketball player Lebron James worked with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Power the Polls to recruit more poll workers.

It seems that Democrat activists were counting the votes on election day.

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