The Queen Tells Brits To ‘Think About Others’ & Get Vaccinated

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The Queen

Queen Elizabeth has urged the British public to “think about other people rather than themselves” and get a Covid vaccine when they are offered one.

As she attempted to encouraged those who were hesitant about getting the vaccine, the Queen said that having a Covid-19 jab “didn’t hurt at all”

BBC reports: In a video call with health leaders delivering the Covid vaccine across the UK, the Queen was asked about her experience of having the jab.

She smiled as she replied: “Well, as far as I can make out it was quite harmless.

“It was very quick, and I’ve had lots of letters from people who’ve been very surprised by how easy it was to get the vaccine.”

The Queen, who rarely talks about her own health, added: “It didn’t hurt at all.”

The monarch said she understood getting a jab could be a “difficult” experience for some people but urged everyone to “think about other people rather than themselves”.

It comes after UK vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi said figures suggested 11-15% of people were vaccine-hesitant, with data skewed toward some black and ethnic minority communities.

Some studies have also found disparities between poorer and wealthier areas.

Dr Emily Lawson, who is leading the vaccine deployment programme for the NHS in England, said the Queen’s comments about her vaccine experience were an “incredibly important vote of confidence in the programme”.

“We just want to make sure we create the conditions where everybody feels able to take up the offer of a vaccination when they’re called,” she said.

“And Her Majesty offering her view on that is a huge boost to our confidence and I hope to confidence more broadly in the programme.”


  1. ” I’m fed up of being hissed about by them ” QE2 ” WE are all disposable to them ” QE2 ” nothing is what it seems ” QE2″ Never trust anybody ” Queen Mum.

  2. The Royals don’t want their adrenochrome tainted with nasty coronaviruses. So, subjects must
    get vaccinated to keep the adrenochrome supplies pure!

  3. social engineering. and people eat it up. they will run to the line of suicide to get their vaccine. so stupid.

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