6 Bad Habits that Will Drain Your Energy – And How To Fix Them

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Bad Habits You Need To Stop

We all have them – bad habits.  But, just how much are they affecting our energy.  According to Psych Central (source):  I am a little under the weather right now.

It’s not hugging the porcelain God or anything. I just have congestion and a head cold.

The point of me telling you this isn’t to whine and complain.

Being sick just makes me realize how important our health and habits are when it comes to being at our best.

Since I’m sick I am more drained of energy and lack the focus I usually have.

It’s hard to be at our best when we don’t feel healthy and are drained of energy.

So I thought it would be helpful to explore 6 habits to avoid, (such as being sick), to help you stay energized and at your best.

bad habits

You don’t drink enough water 

bad habits
Dehydration takes a toll on energy levels. Many people don’t drink enough water (myself included). I know it’s easy to choose a cup of coffee when I feel tired instead of drinking more water.

When I already don’t drink enough water, all coffee does is dehydrate me even more. I make sure to drink a glass of water when I wake up in the morning and choose water instead of soda for my meals. Make it a goal to drink more water.

You have too much on your plate

bad habits

How often do you connect being tired with having too much to do? One of most common reasons that people feel drained and exhausted is that they have too much to do and too little time. Many people take on more than they can handle.

Learn to say no and create a little gap in your day. If you want more energy you need time for stillness and solitude.

“Don’t mistake activity with achievement.” ― John Wooden

You’re a clutter bug

bad habits

Another side effect of having too much to do, and feeling tired because of it, is not keeping our surroundings organized and clean. It’s natural that when we get busy life will get a little cluttered, but ultimately this only makes life more stressful.

We all need to make time here and there to “clear some disk space.” This means get rid of things we don’t need and trying to simplify our life.

You never take a break

bad habits

Mr. Workaholic I know it’s tough to take a break, I have been there before, but it’s for your own good. I used to think that if I took a break from working on my business that I would get behind and miss important opportunities.

I didn’t realize that never taking or break was actually inhibiting my creativity and efficiency. I never gave myself a chance to unwind and gain clarity. Make time to take a few small breaks throughout your day. Or even better plan a vacation and take a big break!

You have toxic relationships

bad habits

Avoid all energy vampires! When it comes to managing energy be aware of the people you surround yourself with. People can either help us stay upbeat and focused or they can add negativity and damper the mood.

Negativity can be very draining and emotionally taxing. Avoid people who are always needing something from you or demanding your time. Make it a point to spend time with people that “fill you up” emotionally, instead of people who sap your energy.

You don’t get enough sleep

bad habits

If there is one habit I religiously follow it is getting enough sleep. For me this is about 8 hours per night. I know some people believe that less sleep gives them more time in the day, but if you’re like me you won’t function as well when sleep deprived.

The MLB playoffs have been getting in the way of my sleep over the past month. I enjoy watching them and am making the choice to do so, but it is a guilty pleasure I don’t always have to battle with. What prevents you from getting enough sleep?

Choose to be more disciplined in your life. It may just be a small shift, like drinking one more glass of water, or watching one less TV show before going to bed.

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