Black Civil Rights Attorney: BLM are ‘Profiteers’ Pushing ‘False Narrative’ About America

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The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is motivated by money and is using a "false narrative" about systemic discrimination in the United States to "profiteer," according to black civil rights attorney Leo Terrell.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is motivated by money and is using a “false narrative” about systemic discrimination in the United States to “profiteer,” according to black civil rights attorney Leo Terrell.

Speaking on “Life, Liberty & Levin” on Fox News Sunday night, Terrell slammed the BLM movement, saying “Black Lives Matter is basically, in my opinion, the Al Sharpton of the 21st century. They’re profiteers.

They are profiting on trying to give a narrative, a false narrative that is white racist cops, deaths destroying the black community,” Terrell told host Mark Levin.

You point out Chicago. No [BLM] presence walking through the neighborhood protesting to stop black-on-black crime. Al Sharpton goes to the George Floyd funeral. You use a funeral to launch a campaign speech attacking Donald Trump. I don’t see Al Sharpton in Chicago. That 3-year-old kid who was killed. You know why? Because it’s not profitable. There’s no money to be made.”

Terrell’s comments echoed Candace Owens’ recent statement that “Black Lives Matter is a Marxist movement disguised as racial unrest” and that “We fight now, or lose America to violent communism.”

“False narrative”

Terrell slammed the leftwing narrative that “systemic discrimination” was real, saying that most law enforcement does a fantastic job for the communities they serve.

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And we talk about Chicago. You talk about Atlanta. You talk about Washington, D.C., and L.A., this big lie, Mark, of systemic discrimination. How can you have systemic discrimination in Chicago when the leadership of minority?” Terrell said. “I know systemic discrimination is, it does not exist. But yet this is the narrative that the Black Lives leadership portrays.”

They don’t know what they’re talking about. This is not 1960. We don’t have Bull Connor and the German shepherds,” Terrell said. “This is 2020. I an African-American on your show. It’s not like it was 50 years ago. But Black Lives Matter and the Democratic leadership wants you to think it’s 1960. Well, I’m sick of that narrative.”

Fox report: Levin asked the civil rights activist if Black Lives Matters was a “growing element” within the Democratic Party.

Black Lives Matter have [sic] dominated social media… and the perception is that they control the Democratic Party,” Terrell said. “I’m hoping, I’m begging I’m praying that they don’t control the Democratic Party. But the current status right now, it is, it has controlled the Democratic Party. It has muted Democratic leadership. The Democratic leadership is afraid of Black Lives Matter for a variety of reasons.”

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Terrell also stated that he believes “the most insulting” reason Democrats are afraid of the BLM movement is that they think they speak for all African-Americans.

Let me be clear, Black Lives Matter does not speak for Leo Terrell. And there is no representative, there is no monolithic group like Black Lives Matter that speak for African-Americans,” Terrell said. “We are individuals and we have our own individual opinion. I can assure you those African-Americans in these Democratic cities, they want law and order.

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. BLM is just one of many tools the communist are using to take over. The root is the rockerfellas and rothschilds. we need to cleanse the earth of them.

  2. It’s about dividing from within .They’re morons who dont know what they’re doing but just being all about themselves ,or so they think They’re being led into captivity and they’re bringing it on themselves. It’s not their fault Theyve been educated by agents of imperialism and so know nothing about reality. Basically .Theyve been reared on a diet of lies and disingenuities crafted by absolute scientific experts in deception .

  3. Leo Lawyer is sucking up to Fox News/right because none of the LSM Fake News outlets will invite him on. The “bottom line” concerns him more than anything. Except, maybe, his ego.

  4. NO BLM anywhere in russia. Putin banned hip hop too. BLM= the results of greedy capitalism. Don’t blame the reds.

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