Putin: Trump Tower Fire Was ‘Deep State’ Assassination Attempt

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Are deep-state seditionists making their move against the Lawful President?

Putin says Trump Tower fire was deep state assassination attempt

Deep State operatives were responsible for starting the fire at Trump Tower on Monday morning in an attempt to assassinate the President of the United States. 

This morning, just before 7am, Emergency Services received a call to attend a blaze at Trump Tower.

For 75 minutes Fire-Fighters tackled the blaze on the very roof of the building before declaring the fire was out.

Official statements blame faulty electrics. But is this a cover to conceal what’s really gone on?

One fire-fighter is reported injured, but also two civilians. Who are they? What were they doing on the roof? Or were they really there to do something else? Did they set the blaze?

Speculation spreads like wire-fire. Trump himself has been reported as not present. But again, that could be a cover.

There have been serious and credible warning from White-hat Patriots, inside the system, of a Deep State plan to take down President Trump.

On December 18th, Alex Jones gave this warning to the world:


The very next day, Fox news Channels show, “outnumbered” openly speculated Trump could be assassinated. Refereeing to the partisan bias exposed in FBI agent Peter Strzok, whose fingerprints are all over both the Clinton email investigation and the “Russia Dossier” Probe, they talk of his emails and the “insurance policy”. Its clear there are those within the reeling Deep State cabal who are prepared to try anything to stop President Trump!

And as early as Nov 16, Russian Intelligence analysts were warning of a significant assassination threat against Trump:



With the US economy booming and the stock market over 25,000, hope a poor economy might return control to the globalists is fading fast. They know that Americans with more money in their pockets will feel happier and begin to appreciate their President more and more.

While their propaganda organ, the mainstream never-Trump media, is suffering collapsing viewing figures, alongside their crating credibility, on all controlled channels.

And the mighty NFL has found the price of take a knee is the worst financial performance in many years.

On front after front, President Trump has been delivering a WWF style beat-down to the narratives of the MAGA agenda’s enemies.

Not only that, but perhaps a panicked desperation has been sparked by Trump’s plan to give Fake News awards. Originally this was to be at 17:00 Eastern Time today, but Trump postponed for 9 days yesterday. Was this because of intelligence of a threat against him? Can the deep state afford to let the eyes of the world fall on President Trump as he exposes their ten biggest lies? Their paranoid minds must be working overtime trying to plan containment strategies for every possible ownage the President of the United States and Leader of the Free World is about to deliver unto them.

More than enough for them to risk that final option!

Patriots of the world and defenders of democracy must let them know: this is not 1963, Trump is not JFK , and this is not a public who will swallow a tall tale story. The enemies of America harm a hair on the Presidents head at their own TOTAL mortal peril!

Should the truth behind the reports be, that there was an attempt to harm the President today, its with great relief Your News Wire reports it was unsuccessful. Our thoughts are with all who protect the President.

John White

John White

John White is a truthseeker with years of experience, a veteran of 9/11, Brexit and Trump. Follow his Facebook page
John White


  1. What a bunch of losers, if they tried to assassinate Trump with a fire, especially since he was not in the building & on the way to watch the football game in Atlanta

  2. John White is apparently a “truth seeker,” but isn’t it strange that those who would expose the real lies that have been told to Americans, and would also expose those who would violate citizens civil rights, would begin by assuming that football players have no right to political expression?
    The language of the Constitution is categorical mr. White. Neither you nor the President can pick and choose which amendments to enforce!
    Don’t be stupid!

    • Oh I didn’t say they didn’t have a right! You assume that, when you shouldn’t at all. They have a perfect right. And an even more perfect right, is the right of the American people to take their money elsewhere. I didn’t tell NFL players to start taking a knee, and I didn’t tell them to stop. Its all their own choice and the natural (and to be honest, very predictable) consequence. Who thought it was a whizzy idea to inject politics into Sport? Probably the same idiots who thought Identity Politics could just be spooned down the throat of a Star Wars audience.

      • In a free and democratic republic, what quadrant of an informed polity is immune from political action, discourse, and responsibility for both?
        And who came up with the inexplicable notion that football players were excused from politic discourse and political action essential to the health of the Republic.
        My guess is that either you don’t know or understand the Constitution, or you are indulgent in your willingness to let your personal opinions override the self evident truths of our SHARED Constitution.

      • Oh, and while you probably don’t know it, what you are saying is that you are offended that they exercise their right, ie., they don’t (in your little private opinion) have that right!
        The proof is in the fact that you don’t praise them for having the courage to exercise that right when (because of people like you) others are afraid to do the same.
        And in doing so you weaken instead of strengthening your neighbors who deserve better. This is on your head friend!

  3. It speaks volumes when our supposed enemy’s tell the truth to the American people when the media won’t. Soreass needs to go away he has bought the American media and until we correct that we can never again trust the news media whether it be newspapers or television.

  4. The problem with their plan was that they were duped into believing that causing a fire would cause the skyscraper to collapse into its own footprint. Maybe they should have flown a plane into it.

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