British Army Recruitment Ad Features Transexual Hijab Wearing ‘Soldiers’ Who Aren’t Afraid To Cry

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British Army recruitment ad features transexuals and hijab wearing soldiers

The British Army has launched a new recruitment drive, targeting men who identify as women, Muslims, homosexuals and “men who aren’t afraid to cry.”

The new series of adverts entitled ‘This is Belonging 2018,’ will be shown nationwide on television, radio and digital platforms. reports: Among them will be films that ask ‘Can I be gay in the Army?’ and ‘What if I get emotional in the Army?’

Other videos ask ‘Can I practise my faith in the Army?’, ‘Will I be listened to in the Army?’ and ‘Do I have to be a superhero to join the Army?’

The Army is hoping to recruit more inclusively
The Army is hoping to recruit more inclusively
One animation, pictured, asks ‘Can I practise my faith in the Army?’
One animation, pictured, asks ‘Can I practise my faith in the Army?’

In one video, a medic describes wanting to join the Army after his brother served in Afghanistan.

‘I was really worried about whether I would be accepted, but within days I was more than confident about being who I was,’ he says.

‘I’m not afraid to talk about having a boyfriend. I thought I’d have to hide it, but once you’ve done it you think, “Why did I have to make it such a big thing for so long?”‘

In an animation discussion emotional awareness, a voice says: ‘Once you’re in, you realise no one is a machine. The Army is a family. I’ve probably told them things I wouldn’t tell my own family. There’s always someone there to talk to.’

Another clip has a woman saying: ‘I grew up with brothers and I always played sports, but I always thought the Army was dominated by men and it wasn’t for me.

‘I decided to get a normal job, but men at work would often talk over me. I felt like I didn’t have a voice, so I decided to join the Army.

‘It was totally different, all that matters is that you’re good at your job.’

The campaign’s release comes just weeks after the Army faced backlash over reported plans to scrap its ‘Be the Best’ slogan and historic crest.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson was then forced to intervene and halt the rebranding exercise, which was apparently based on market research that found people thought the slogan was ‘dated, elitist and non-inclusive’.

In contrast, the latest PR exercise ends with the phrase: ‘Find where you belong’.

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