Biden Suddenly Starts Yelling About Food Shortages During Union Convention Speech

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During a speech to unions on Wednesday, President Biden suddenly got angry and started yelling about food shortages, caused by Democrat lockdowns, during the Covid pandemic.

He started screaming about long lines of people trying to get food: “Remember those long lines you’d see in a television and people lining up in all kinds of vehicles just to get a box of food in their trunk? How quickly they forget people were hurting”

Biden then blasted the Republican Party and accused them of not caring about Americans who were still struggling. He said: “And what did the MAGA crowd want to do?! Forget it!

Biden seemed to forget that there is currently a food shortage happening under his administration

Breitbart reports: The president spoke about his political opponents at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers International Convention in Chicago.

“God this is the United States of America!” Biden continued. “The idea that people would have to wait in line an hour, an hour and a half to get a box of food in their trunk, just unbelievable.”

The president frequently recalls seeing footage of food lines in America during the coronavirus pandemic, as schools were distributing free food to people in the community.

He blamed President Donald Trump for increasing the budget deficit.

“Under my predecessor, the great MAGA king, the deficit increased every year as president,” Biden said.

The president claimed Republicans were “dead wrong” for blaming him for inflation and defended the over $3 trillion in government spending in his first year as president.

“This is about fairness, it’s about dignity, it’s about fiscal responsibility,” he said.

Biden did not mention his own policies that helped create record-high inflation, proposing that more government spending would actually help lower inflation.


    • Not to be grim about it all but if we trust the Bible all this chaos and gloom needs to transpire. Those of us who put our faith in Christ have something to look forward to in the end.

      • I know we are not ultimately doomed, but I would like to see more time for people to make the choice.

        • Sadly I’m a pessimist. If the “pandemic” and the global responses haven’t shone the light on what is going on for people they might be beyond hope. I pray God takes care of his flock and takes believers out of this chaos before the real manure hits the fan.

      • We have something to look forward to? Let’s see ….

        Flooding the border with 3rd world, unvaxxed poor while demanding our people take the clot shot? This is population replacement.

        Printing dollars like there is no tomorrow? Hint: There isn’t.

        Implementing back door health treaties that will usher in global communism? Right on schedule.

        It appears that we can look forward to …… death. Unless we change America’s trajectory and change the “players” intent on our destruction. In plain terms, Biden has to be removed from office. The dems have to be banned and dispersed.

        • You have no idea to what I was referring to, so please get a clue before you spew your diatribes.

  1. Joe Biden has used this playbook for 50 years. Blame, deflect, blame deflect, lie, it’s someone else’s fault. This is his MO. This is who he is. There is nothing new here and those of us with half a brain saw the end result of his installation into the office of President.

  2. Using psychological means to project his failures on to someone else (reverse speak). Crime against humanity. Plain and simple. I think this man wants to be brought down so that bat-shit crazy Pelosi can take over and because he is the most unfit, corrupt, illegally elected President ever. Which is all about to come out. Just in time for midterm elections of corrupt Republican candidates. A Contra dance. To muddy the waters.

  3. What a load of it. Screaming at a Catholic “brother hood” criminal operation used to, no doubt cause electrical fires and failures and set up all manner of electrical sabotage really for the Pope and meeting, of course at the Pope’s mafia HQs Chicago and him thete ranting like ike Hitler to stir up criminal activities. He should be in jail

  4. America is in serious trouble and we have a senile old demented fool in our WH yelling at the kids to stay off the lawn.

  5. Its no good blaming Biden that’s dumber than S.H.I.T. he is just a puppet on a string, he gets his marching orders from his handlers. which is more than likely ole Soreass and Obombo.

  6. I literally laughed out loud at this bit: “The president claimed Republicans were “dead wrong” for blaming him for inflation and defended the over $3 trillion in government spending in his first year as president.” LOL

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