George Clooney Working With Police To Shut Down Alternative Media

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Hollywood celebrity George Clooney has vowed to use his wealth and influence to launch a legal assault on the alternative media and punish those who spread information on the internet that questions the global agenda and exposes the elite.

Hollywood celebrity George Clooney has vowed to use his wealth and influence to launch a legal assault on the alternative media and punish those who spread information on the internet that questions the global agenda and exposes the elite.

The Clooney Foundation For Justice has ordered its lawyers to pursue secret arrest warrants for journalists and social media content creators whose views they disagree with, citing the war in Ukraine as their excuse to crack down on anti-globalist dissent.

Ironically, George and Amal Clooney’s social justice foundation cite “tolerance” and “protection of journalists” among its driving principles.

However, it appears the champagne socialist Clooneys can only tolerate opinions they deem acceptable and they are only interested in protecting the morally bankrupt journalists who file their copy at major news outlets funded by Bill Gates and George Soros.

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The UN and WEF have declared war on so-called “conspiracy theorists” in recent times, describing the rise of conspiracy thinking as “worrying and dangerous,” while stating that conspiracy theories about George Soros and the Klaus Schwab’s WEF must be scrubbed from the internet, and the perpetrators behind the conspiracies must be silenced.

Now we are beginning to see what the war on so-called “conspiracy theorists” looks like.

The global elite have already seized control of search engines including Google and major social media sites, suppressing content they deem to be harmful to their agenda, and throttling the voices of those who dissent against the New World Order.

Now the far-left fascists have unleashed their foot soldiers – the likes of Hollywood celebrities and their entitled spouses – to do their dirty work and lock up those who seek to expose the truth about their vile and anti-human agenda.

The Clooney Foundation, which was founded by actor George Clooney and his wife, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, has launched the Docket Project to try and use legal processes to stop journalists from reporting on the global elite and throttle social media users from criticizing Agenda 2030.

It’s clear that Obama’s influence has rubbed off on Clooney.

Free speech and the right to dissent mean nothing to the radical left.

The Docket Project’s legal director, Anna Neistat, recently told Voice of America radio that they are attempting to obtain the arrest warrants by appealing to the European countries that have laws against “war propaganda.”

She announced: “We are submitting requests to initiate criminal proceedings in countries where this provision exists in the criminal code.”

She added: “If the warrant is issued, it essentially becomes an EU-wide warrant through Europol. This means journalists could potentially be arrested and extradited to the country investigating them.”

The Clooney’s threat to arrest journalists whose reporting they disagree with should send chills down the spine of every patriot and anti-globalist around the world.

Nobody is safe as long as far-left fascists like the Clooneys are allowed to arrest those who disagree with their globalist ideology.

If you do not believe the elite are serious about dismantling independent media and throttling conservative and anti-globalist voices on social media, you need to open your eyes and see what they are doing to Alex Jones and Infowars right now.

This is a war and the Clooneys and their cronies who are trying to lock up dissenters and truth-tellers are on the wrong side of history.

The Docket Project director seemed to take delight in the idea of catching the journalists they are targeting off guard, explaining how they are seeking secret warrants.

“We are asking prosecutors to issue secret arrest warrants… so the names are not revealed. We want these individuals to travel to other countries and be arrested there. It’s better if they are left guessing rather than receiving a clear warning,” she said.

These cowardly fascist tactics from the far-left Clooneys should come as no surprise considering the Hollywood star’s track record when it comes to denigrating human rights.

Every unvaccinated person in America should be force jabbed according to Clooney, who declared his support for “mandatory vaccines, period” during a disturbingly authoritarian red carpet interview.

We have long been warning that the World Economic Forum and globalist elite are re-animated Nazis who have rebranded and regrouped, and are now pursuing the same goals as the Third Reich, and committing the same crimes against humanity.

Unfortunately for the elite, we the people are rising up against them and we have now reached a critical mass and simply cannot be stopped.

Far-left authoritarians are in panic mode across the globe.

Trudeau’s deeply unpopular Liberal government have made censoring the internet and arresting independent journalists a priority in recent times.

According to Canadian sources, military personnel and police officers are going door-to-door in select provinces, performing so-called “wellness checks” on behalf of the Trudeau regime.

However, in reality, these wellness checks are nothing more than the Trudeau regimes latest ruse to punish those who oppose the globalist agenda and exclude them from society.

Remember, whenever a leader rails against so-called conspiracy theorists, he or she is simply using the playbook the CIA wrote in the 1960s when they invented the term to denigrate those who dared to question the official narrative of the JFK assassination.

In other words, every time the fascists use the term “conspiracy theorists” to denigrate us, they are losing the information war and we are winning.

Case in point: Dr. Tedros at the World Health Organization who is melting down over our refusal to grant him total dictatorial control over the world’s sovereign nations.

Notice how he doesn’t address genuine peoples legitimate concerns and thinks he can brush them aside, filing them under “conspiiiiiracy theories…”

Sorry Tedros, we are wise to that game.

The United Nations’ war on conspiracy theorists is more of the same. They want to shame those among us who dare to ask questions and question the official narrative.

Just like the Clooneys, the UN wants to protect bought-and-paid-for journalists while seizing control of social media and locking the rest of us up.

Mainstream media is not a check on power. The very system requires complicity. Governments, corporations, global institutions like the United Nations… they know how to play the media game. They know how to control the news narrative. They know how to manipulate and control the masses.

Ask yourself, when was the last time the mainstream media unearthed a conspiracy?

Also ask yourself, when was the last time the media covered up a conspiracy? The list is endless.

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