“It Is Inconceivable Epstein Could Have Hung Himself… Follow The Motives” – Rudy Giuliani

Fact checked

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani says there were probably dozens of powerful people who wanted Jeffrey Epstein dead and is one of many calling into question whether the billionaire pedophiles recent death really was suicide.

In a tweet on August 10th he said: “What does the word watch mean in the phrase suicide Watch? Who was watching? What does camera show? It is inconceivable Epstein could have hung himself if there was a suicide Watch? Follow the motives?” 

Washington Examiner reports: Epstein, a 66-year-old convicted sex offender, died by apparent suicide in his Manhattan jail cell over the weekend, a stunning development that Giuliani said for which there is “absolutely no excuse.”

“What happened here, to me, is mind-boggling. It’s impossible to happen. It’s a relatively small facility,” Giualini said of the Metropolitan Correctional Center during a Fox News interview Monday. “This isn’t Rikers Island, which is, you know, 15,000 people and virtually a city with many, many different buildings. Here, one building. Almost everything is within view, if you want it to be, of the guards.”

Attorney General William Barr saidthere were “serious irregularities” at the federal prison where Epstein died as he faced charges brought by the Southern District of New York accusing him of child sex trafficking and conspiracy. The circumstances of his death remain under investigation. Reports have said Epstein was taken off suicide watch after attempting suicide a few weeks ago and was not closely monitored, possibly because of overworked employees.

Giuliani, who led President Trump’s legal team in dealing with special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, said there is no excuse for not keeping a constant, close watch on Epstein, given he was such a high-profile figure with potentially incriminating knowledge about rich and powerful people.

“This argument over whether he was on suicide watch or not is like silly because if he wasn’t on suicide watch, he should have been on watch. The guy was a high-risk prisoner, wasn’t he? I mean he’s a guy that they’re probably 50 very important people that have a motive to kill him. We don’t even know who they are. I’m not alleging that any of the people named — it’s true, but we know there are some people that are in a lot of trouble because of Epstein. They know who they are. So there are people who have, there’s tremendous motive to kill him,” Giuliani said.

He also said that Epstein faced a danger from other prisoners.

“Number two, whether they want to kill him or not, prisoners don’t like him. He’s alleged to be maybe, you know, the most notorious child predator of our generation. Prisoners are strange. Perverts, they don’t like. So they’ll kill a pervert just to kill a pervert. Second, he’s a possible rat also. There’s a lot of talk about him testifying. I believe you have to do that. That’s good for the government. They believe you’re a rat when you do it. So you’ve got three strong reasons why this man may be done in,” Giuliani said.

“He might commit suicide. He apparently attempted it or he was attacked. That threat still remained even after a week. And the third one is, maybe a prisoner on his own is just going to take him out like they did with Whitey Bulger. I do not understand how anyone can explain not having him under 24-hour surveillance or not checking the camera constantly. So that leads to all the speculation that we all are upset about,” he added.