Roseanne Barr Will Play Trump Supporter In Return Of ‘Roseanne’

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The liberal establishment shudders in horror at the announcement that Roseanne Barr will play a “Trump supporting” character in the return of hit show “Roseanne”.

The liberal establishment shudders in horror at the announcement that Roseanne Barr will play a “Trump supporting” character in the return of hit show “Roseanne”.

Speaking about the decision, Roseanne said: “I’ve always attempted to portray a realistic portrait of the American people and of working class people, and in fact it was working class people who elected Trump.”

There is certainly a case that America is having a lot of trouble facing itself and reflecting that culturally in the media. Those who don’t support the liberal globalist view of the country have to endure the hatred of nationalism, the push to constantly bring in newcomers who don’t share American values, the culture fervour to “let the past die. Kill it if you have to”. That’s a line from Disney’s Star Wars Episode VIII, that in its fervour to push progressive messages, managed to wreck Star Wars by making it sexist. Yet while that film still made over a billion dollars, there is clear evidence of a cultural backdrop as “Last Jedi” experienced a catastrophic audience drop-off from the previous film “The Force Awakens”.

These are signs that audiences are rejecting plastic messaging throw-away Hollywood products, that while gorgeously produced with eye-dropping visuals and the biggest stars on the planet, fail to satisfy, with their ideological agendas replacing believable characters and sturdy storylines.

Roseanne aims for her new show to address the polarization that has split families, describing such divisiveness as “not American.” But where has this divisiveness come from, other than the media? Distortion after distortion is being exposed, from the constant misrepresentation of comments and events, the use of anonymous “sources” to push fake news talking points, the massive censorship and manipulation across social media, and the lock-step control of the political opinions allowed for TV Characters.

Like Brexit voters in the UK, Trump voters in the US have had to put up with being the blunt end of these distortions. For those with a liberal mindset, or looking to know what views to have to fit-in with the crowd, the ideological propaganda television output has descended into what feels like slipping into a warm bath of comfortable affirmation. But for those who want change in society, who wish to stop the country being dragged down and sucked dry to power a globalist agenda that can only make America and the quality of life for Americans worse off, having to endure the vicious barb hidden in the soft soap of these propaganda programmes has been taking an ongoing assault against their values, their world view, and their qualities as a human being.

Change is long overdue. And the problem has been that the media corporations are now funnelled into so few hands, almost all of whom share that globalist mindset. Indeed, the media aspires to be a crucial aspect of the Global technocracy.

Perhaps the real fear behind the Faux outrage that Roseanne’s Barr’s character will reflect Roseanne Barr’s views is that she will do such a good job at communicating the positive aspects of Trumps policies. She’s certainly been doing a marvellous job on her Twitter.

The media has demonised Donald Trump relentlessly, especially targeting black and Hispanic communities with messages that he is “racist”. To do that, they have had to radically distort both the tone and content of Trump’s speech’s and statements. Any spin will do – the more outrageous the better. Perhaps the most notorious was Trump’s Dimondale, Michegan speech, which was distorted to claim Trump had been disparaging to Black communities all over the USA. The truth was the total opposite. Trump was sympathising with the problems in that specific community, caused by democrat policies and promising them something better, leading to the comment “you have nothing left to lose”. Read the original speech for yourself here.

This is the sort of message Roseanne threatens to carry so effectively into American homes. With tax cuts in place, the market over 25,000 and growth looking to break 4%, the economic benefits in American workers pockets are inevitably going to be felt, and the public view of Trump’s policies is going to improve. If the working-class base of America truly gets behind the “Free Americana” spirit of MAGA – “Make America Great Again” – and come to see each other as Americans FIRST, above the division of identity politics, then the second wave of the Trump Revolution may see the end of the liberal powerbase dominating the media.

And an easy way to help that is to watch the new series of Roseanne and be sure to talk about and post in support of its messages. That way, we can all be doing our part to inspire more of this kind of realisation:

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