Navy SEAL Busts Connecticut Pedophile Ring – Arrests 5 Child Rapists

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Members of a pedophile hunting team have conducted an undercover investigation and covert sting resulting in the arrest of five predators in Connecticut.

Members of the Vets4ChildRescue pedophile hunting team led by former Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer have conducted an undercover investigation and covert sting resulting in the arrest of five sexual predators in Guilford, Connecticut.

Operation ‘Not In My Town’ was conducted in partnership with local law enforcement, and set out to identify pedophiles operating online and through messaging apps that are actively seeking sex with underage children.

During the course of the investigation over 4,000 potential online sexual predators inquired about engaging in sex with a 12-year-old female decoy within a 24 hour period.

Over 40 of the most motivated predators pursued the decoy via the online platforms and text messages to arrange a physical encounter.

According to Vets4ChildResuce, the predators made direct contact with the decoy through several well known online applications and were each quickly able to arrange a secret meeting for sex with the 12-year-old decoy.

The predators ranged in age, profession, and ethnicity proving that these criminals can be anyone and are prevalent everywhere.

Upon arrival at the designated meeting places, the predators were greeted by the decoy where discussion of their intentions continued. However instead of an illegal sexual encounter the predators were confronted by Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer, members of the VIPR team and a camera crew.

These five online predators are now in the hands of Guilford Police Department, awaiting justice.

The operation was funded, coordinated and planned by Veterans For Child Rescue (V4CR), a non-profit organization founded by legendary Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL DEV GRU Operator Craig “Sawman” Sawyer. The organization’s mission is to raise awareness of child sex trafficking and exploitation and to contribute to a non-permissive environment for pedophiles and sexual predators in the United States.

As part of these efforts V4CR is also in production on a feature length documentary film, CONTRALAND scheduled for NetFlix distribution in 2018.

A new precedent has been set, steps have been taken, and these criminals better watch out because we are coming for them!” Vets4ChildRescue wrote after the successful mission.

You can donate to V4CR and help fund the fight against child exploitation here.

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