Official Study: ‘Each COVID Vaccine You Get Increases Your Risk of Contracting COVID’

Fact checked
Official study concludes that the more vaccines you get, the more chances of catching COVID

A newly published peer-reviewed study reveals that getting vaccinated for COVID actually increases a person’s risk of contracting COVID. And the more jabs a person takes, the greater their risk of getting sick and possibly dying.

According to the study, remaining unvaccinated is the best way to stay safe against COVID. Choosing to get vaccinated and boosted depletes your immune system’s ability to ward off the worst of what COVID has the potential to do to a person. reports: When the study in question was still in pre-print, the powers that be tried to claim that its findings are unreliable because, at the time, they had not yet been peer-reviewed. The Montreal Gazette published an entire article claiming that its findings were “being misinterpreted.”

Despite being published by the Cleveland Clinic, which is held in high regard and considered reputable by the establishment, the paper’s findings were called into question by Dr. Christopher Labos, MD, MSc, who lamented at the time that it was “worrying a fair number of people.”

Now that the pre-print has been peer-reviewed and published in a journal, there is dead silence from the establishment concerning its findings. Basically, everything we were told about how “amazing” these shots are a complete lie, including the relentless pro-jab propaganda that came from the Biden White House.

“Pfizer and Moderna, the government, and every corporate state media outlet that deliberately spread vax disinformation should be opened up to lawsuits from every person who received COVID-19 shots (which are not and never were conventional vaccines) and subsequently got sick with COVID-19,” wrote Ben Bartee for PJ Media about what should happen next now that these revelations have come to light.

“Consumers of sponsored-by-Pfizer media were lied to by all parties involved, and there must be consequences. The pharmaceutical companies’ ill-gotten blanket immunity from damages caused by their products needs to be retroactively revoked because they were granted on fraudulent premises.”

Currently, there is very little in the way of formidable action and the pursuit of justice from either side of the political aisle. Despite profusely promising to take action if elected, many of the Republicans who took over the House have done little to nothing in that regard.

Both political parties, sadly, have been bought out by the very same entities that have a vested interest in selling as many COVID jabs as possible. Consequently, little, if anything, ever gets done to hold the culprits accountable for their crimes against humanity.

You can do your part by sharing the truth with friends and family members and urging your own congressmen to address the matter like they promised to do after being elected. The evidence is there if only someone with access to the levers of power would be brave enough to go after those who lied, causing millions of people to die.