Pink Orders Pro-Life Americans To ‘Never F*cking Listen To My Music Again’

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Pop star Pink responded to the US Supreme Court overruling Roe v. Wade on Friday with an all-caps Twitter meltdown, demanding that anyone who is pro-life “never f*cking listen to my music again,” and “f*ck right off.”

Let’s be clear: if you believe the government belongs in a woman’s uterus, a gay persons business or marriage, or that racism is okay – THEN PLEASE IN THE NAME OF YOUR LORD NEVER F#CKING LISTEN TO MY MUSIC AGAIN. AND ALSO FU#CK RIGHT OFF. We good?” Pink tweeted on Saturday.

Breitbart report: The singer’s conflation of racism and pro-life Americans rings hollow, given that the abortion industry disproportionately targets black Americans and has suppressed the growth of the black population, thus preventing the growth of its power as a voting bloc.

In a followup tweet, Pink responded to a Twitter user who reacted to her all-caps demand, writing, “i hope her agent survives the stroke.”

I am my agent. We’re fine,” the “Blow Me” singer replied.

On Friday, the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade, holding in the Dobbs case that the Constitution does not include a right to abortion and returning the issue of abortion laws and regulations to state legislatures.

Pink is just one of the many leftists having a public meltdown over the Court’s life-saving decision.

Left-wing pop star Cher also reacted to the ruling in all-caps Twitter diatribe, bizarrely declaring that former President Donald Trump’s “radical Republican Supreme Court” is “responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of American women.”

Comedian and Bros star Billy Eichner also had his caps locks on while issuing a tweet attacking Christians in response to the ruling, exclaiming, “GET YOUR FICTIONAL HATEFUL BIBLE STORIES AND YOUR FAKE FICTIONAL RELIGIOUS BULLSHIT OUT OF OUR FUCKING LIVES. FUCK YOU.”

Pop star Billie Eilish reacted by trashing the United States during her performance in England, declaring that the decision meant a “really dark day for women in the U.S.”

TBS host Samantha Bee reacted by taking to her show, Full Frontal, to urge Americans “raise hell in every restaurant [Justice] Alito eats at for the rest of his life,” adding, “if Republicans have made our lives hell, it’s time to return the favor.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. I think one of the things these people forget is the majority the people who can actually afford to do things like “buy their music”, buy their merchandise, and attend their concerts don’t want to be told how to spend their money by these rich, spoiled, loudmouths.

    More and more of the American Public are coming to realize that WOKE is making them broke. And their being broke is making the woke companies broke as well.

    So, you, and all your woke friends, are just setting yourselves up to go broke spectacularly. While you’re at it, feel free to move to either a state or country that has policies you promote and get out of ours!

  2. No worries luv y sweetheart matey dearest. And you don’t shove your f ing **** in my face again either thanks.

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