Even The ‘Triple Vaxxed’ Can Get Covid During ‘Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated’ Says White House

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White House covid

The White House admitted on Monday that even people who had three doses of the covid vaccine could still catch the virus.

During the daily press briefing White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki recalled her experience with the virus to Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, saying: “I had been triple-vaxxed, I had minor symptoms”

Doocy, who said that he had also caught covid despite being triple-jabbed, asked Psaki why President Joe Biden continued to refer to covid-19 as “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Breitbart reports: Psaki defended Biden’s slogan by noting the coronavirus symptoms among the vaccinated were less severe compared to the unvaccinated.

“Those are significant serious statistics,” she said, calling the health impact on unvaccinated Americans “far more dire.”

Psaki said the White House and Biden always acknowledged that “breakthrough cases” would occur among the vaccinated.

“I think our president has said, as have we a number of times, that there will be breakthrough cases, there will be people who get COVID,” Psaki said.

White House officials argued for months that getting the vaccine would stop the virus and prevent it from spreading across the country.

Biden himself made the claim in December that vaccinated Americans would not spread the virus — even as it was obvious that variants of the virus continued to infect the vaccinated.

“Everybody talks about freedom, about not to have a shot or have a test,” Biden said during an interview. “Well guess what? How about patriotism? How about you make sure you’re vaccinated, so you do not spread the disease to anybody else? What about that? What’s the big deal?”


  1. So much rubbish Covids never been a threat to anyone except the geriatric frail aged and the severe immuno compromised. Unlike now the vaxxed who are the fit and healthy who are falling down collapsing and being rushed to. Emergency with heart conditions.

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  3. Psaki uses her own b.s. twisted logic. up is down, right is wrong. She is a true satanist, just like Fauci.
    As above so below.

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