Biden Caught Funnelling Millions of Taxpayer Dollars to Fact Checkers To Censor Conservatives

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Biden funnelling millions in taxpayer dollars to fact checkers to censor conservatives online

The Biden administration has awarded grants totalling millions of taxpayer dollars to far-left fact checkers, who have been tasked with censoring conservatives online.

Since the start of September, Biden’s National Science Foundation (NSF) and State Department have funnelled over $4 million to programs, studies, and other initiatives that target online “misinformation” — a term that the Biden regime has used to demand censorship of content that challenges the global elite’s narrative. reports: The NSF has awarded the following nine grants since September 1:

The State Department has awarded the following five grants since September 1:

These awards were granted as the Biden admin faces a major lawsuit for pressuring Big Tech to censor content that it deems to be misinformation.

An appeals court recently stated that the Biden regime violated the First Amendment when pushing social media platforms to censor and in an Independence Day ruling on this case, a judge described the Biden admin’s actions as “Orwellian.” The Supreme Court is now considering whether to hear the case.

While some of the grants focus have been awarded to non-American organizations, whose misinformation targeting efforts don’t fall under the scope of the First Amendment, these types of programs can result in the speech of Americans being targeted.

For example, Biden’s State Department has previously funded foreign think tanks that created “disinformation” blacklists. These blacklists were used to target American conservative media outlets.

Both of the agencies that awarded these grants have been involved in prior censorship controversies.

In addition to funding groups that created disinformation blacklists, Biden’s State Department has flagged thousands of accounts to Twitter, now known as X, for censorship.

Meanwhile, the NSF has been accused of funding programs that develop tech that targets vaccine dissent and has funded research on correcting “false beliefs” online.

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