Weather Wars: Recent Natural Disasters Are Man-Made

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Simon Ludgate asks who or what is responsible for the cataclysmic weather which is killing thousands around the world.

Is the increase in natural disasters our planet's way of rebelling against man-made climate change, nuke testing or weather modification?

In 1997 I wrote on my website that no one would take any notice of climate change until their dining table floated past them and headed down the street. Last week that happened in the Caribbean and Florida. It was already taking place across Asia in one of the worst monsoons for years.

Yet at the same time the Middle East is breaking records for heat and aridity, while Oregon and California are burning.

Mexico has suffered an 8.2 magnitude earthquake which appeared to turn the night sky green in its worst seismic rocking since the Mexico City event. The death toll is still rising. And let’s not forget Italy which has had an astonishing 46,000 earthquakes in the last year.

If you widen the focus a little, the last 15 years have seen a series of cataclysmic earthquakes and tsunami. Yes earthquakes come in decade-long “spikes” where there are a series of severe shocks in quick succession. Tokyo, Kobe, San Francisco and Anchorage have all had their share during these clusters.

But is the world itself rebelling against man-made factors like climate change, nuke testing or interference with the weather? All big topics and complicated to unpick.

I spent most of my time between the Indonesian tsunami in 2004 and the Japanese earthquake and resulting tsunami which swept ashore in north east Japan in 2010 filming in the countries affected for tv documentaries which told the story of what happened from a scientific point of view.

Along the way I absorbed a great deal of on the job information about the whys and wherefores of the over-arching subject of what the hell is happening to our planet.

It is tempting to assume the world is succumbing to some sort of terminal fate when the roof has been blown off your house and you are being deafened by the sound tornadoes and hurricanes make like a jet engine ten feet away on full power.

2004 Indonesian tsunami
2004 Indonesian tsunami

We have had weather disasters longer than we have been in existence. But as many and with such intensity?

The answer may lie in the complicated tangential relationship between the earth, the solar system, our sun and the mess humans are making.

Trump’s stance on climate change is that it is a hoax. But what does he mean by “hoax”? Does that mean he thinks it doesn’t exist? That we are so arrogant we think we impact on everything around us?

He’s arrogant but he’s not dumb. Trump knows that the EPA under Obama busily shut down dozens of coal-fired power stations or insisted (rightly) that they use bigger or better carbon scrubbers at source to capture a gas it is believed is responsible for warming the atmosphere. The world wants to penalize countries who are big polluters and that includes the US which was, until recently, the worst offender in the world. Now it has been eclipsed by China and India.

But Trump has no interest in being dictated to over emissions by other countries who could do with getting their own house in order. But the emissions battle is changing fast with an eye on electric cars which are coming in what will soon be overwhelming numbers. Electric cars’ carbon footprint has halved in the last year because Europe and the US power profile has become much greener.

In Germany and the UK, non-fossil fuel power is now regularly outstripping traditional power production. It’s a trend which will continue to grow.

But what has green power got to do with the weather? Everything. It’s important to point out that what once looked like an unstoppable pollution leviathian can have its trajectory interrupted and changed.

The same can be said about the subject of man-made climate change. It is undeniably a thing despite the clumsy attempts by the super-rich professional deniers who almost all are in the employ of oil companies. I have personally witnessed several glaciers around the world shrinking rapidly over the last decade. They ain’t coming back.

Here’s a statistic. 3%. A little number with a big impact. It’s the amount of warming gases the human race produces every year compared to the earth. Doesn’t sound like much does it? But it is enough to shift the delicate balance in the earth’s ecosystem. Maybe that will be true of climate change. Maybe we can stop the train.

The earth’s climate has always been in a state of flux. Only 11,000 years ago the earth was half covered in ice then it retreated. Up to 50 million years ago it was as hot as Hell – it killed almost everything – but it had been like that for another 50 million years before. Scientists say all these fluctuations are connected to the level of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere.

The 50 million year super hot Cretaceous Period was triggered by 400 parts per million of CO2 in atmosphere. Conversely, so was the last ice age, the Pleistocene era. Go figure.

In my lifetime, we have seen the CO2 level jump from 175 ppm (parts per million) to 400 ppm. That is unprecedented in the history of the planet. It is believed the industrial age of planes, trains and automobiles is responsible.

That is an insane statistic. That rate of change has never occurred before in the history of the planet. Way to go human race.

But is it really any different? There have always been hurricanes, tornadoes and floods haven’t there? Yes but not with the intensity and frequency we have now. Don’t believe me? You can check for yourself. There is a mass of data out there.

So how can a swirl of colorless, odorless gases in the air make this happen?

Well let’s imagine the climate is a wall.  If you come along with a bulldozer of warming gases which are great at reflecting heat back into the atmosphere which used to escape into space and slowly push the climate wall, nothing appears to happen for a while. Then the wall slowly succumbs to the effect of gravity and begins to tip over. It’s slow at first, so you barely notice, then it speeds up and suddenly that wall is heading for the horizontal. There is nothing you can do about it. That wall is gone and nobody is going to stop it.

This is where we are with the earth’s climate I’m afraid. Change is occurring which is not reverting in a cooling and warming cycle like the El Nino/La Nina effect in the Pacific which used to fluctuate the temperature of the Pacific. The world’s weather and seasons would be affected by it.

But now the Arctic pack ice around Alaska, Kamchatka, the North West passage and Greenland is disappearing – for ever it seems. The Himalayan Glaciers which feed China, India, Pakistan and the Asian subcontinent are thawing. This is why the Asian monsoon has become so intense. But one day soon – within 25 years – they will be gone for good and there will be drought across Asia which will become a desert. The mighty Ganges, Yellow River and Yangste will disappear.

The impact of man made climate change is accelerating because one factor makes another worse. As the snow retreats from Greenland, the rest of the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic at the bottom of the world, it leaves rock exposed. Rock is dark so it absorbs much more heat than snow and ice which is white and reflective. So the ground gets even warmer and even more snow melts faster.

The polar ice caps are melting as a result of man-made climate change
The polar ice caps are melting as a result of man-made climate change

Let’s talk perfect storm. You may have heard this on weather forecasts or in movies. It’s what’s happening now.

The sun has been emitting enormous belches of solar radiation recently – the most intense blast for ten years and possibly the longest ever. It has the ability to knock out the power supply on earth, block GPS satellites or even destroy them, and interfere with radio communications.

The sun has been emitting record-levels of solar radiation recently
The sun has been emitting record-levels of solar radiation recently

When all those positively charged particles hit our atmosphere, they attract water droplets like a magnet does with iron filings. Just now, the Pacific and the South Atlantic between West Africa where hurricanes start their journey as Tropical storms and the Caribbean are very warm. The water between South America and Florida is at its warmest on record at 30 deg c. That is warmer than a swimming pool.

That heat produces water vapour and as the storms head west they pick up energy and speed. They are doing so like never before right now.

Then there is solar eclipse and full moon to consider. In my opinion, when celestial bodies line up in a straight line, their collective gravitational fields and disruption from their electro magnetic footprint impacts the earth.

I have been tracking this behaviour for a decade. Every major earthquake occurs within a few day of a full moon – Mexico’s being a case in point. If you think this is a stretch don’t forget the moon is responsible for making our oceans ebb and flow several metres twice a day and coral spawns only on the full moon.

Every major earthquake usually occurs within a few days of a full moon.
Every major earthquake usually occurs within a few days of a full moon.

Then let’s factor in the more extreme edge of science which ventures into science fiction.

A seismologist I have worked with believes that when air pressure drops typically in hurricane conditions, the resulting drop in pressure on the sea floor can trigger an earthquake because a fault line is suddenly released from the weight of trillions of tons of water.

Implausible? There was an intense low off Indonesia the week before the quake and tsunami in 2004. Same off Japan in 2010.

But let’s go deeper down the rabbithole.

Some scientists claim to have identified localized warming in the Ionosphere over Japan in the week before the enormous earthquake. A warmer atmosphere produces a depression – the sort of thing which triggers storms – and according to my scientist friend, earthquakes, due to the drop in air and water pressure.

Consider storm tides. That is not all due to the effect of high winds. The drop in air pressure makes the sea expand upwards as much as half a metre. This expansion may have been enough for the sea to flow over the sea walls around Fukushima’s nuclear plant and inundate it during the Japan tsunami.

The engineers had correctly calculated the theoretical maximum a tsunami “bulge” could reach but not the physical expansion of the sea in an intense depression – or the vertical drop in land level caused by the earthquake as the plates shifted.

Let’s go deeper. What if someone had been pointing a “ray gun” at the upper atmosphere over Japan which was responsible for the heating which caused the depression? Could that have triggered the worst tsunami in Japan’s history?

HAARP – the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program  – has been blamed for everything from the weather to mind control and has always been shrouded in mystery. HAARP is usually an array of aerials which beam radio waves in a very narrow, targeted, very high power stream anywhere in the world by bouncing it off the top of the atmosphere. They have been found to also produce heat.

Scientists discovered decades ago that HAARP was like an aspirin or statin. It had a myriad of uses from over the horizon communications (radio needs line of sight), to underwater communications and an ability to heat the atmosphere. They also discovered that its extremely low frequency was the same as the frequency which can trigger earthquakes.

HAARP – the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program - has been blamed for secretly modifying the weather around the globe
HAARP – the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program – has been blamed for secretly modifying the weather around the globe

The US facility everyone knows about – Gakon, Alaska – was decommissioned five years ago. People assume it was the only one. It wasn’t. There are maybe a dozen around the world including potentially a sea-borne one but I am unable to confirm this. Russia has spoken out and with pride about their programme.

Would the US employ it against Japan and cause such a disaster? Surely not? But wait a minute, the US dropped two nuclear weapons on Japan already.

Was Fukushima producing plutonium for Iran or North Korea? Could it have been a massive reprisal? Surely not. Japan is a hugely important trade partner of the US.

With what I’ve learned about false flag attacks nothing surprises me anymore so you can assume the darkest, most unlikely, seemingly nonsensical allegiances and actions are commonplace in the modern world.

So down here in the rabbit hole, if an attack like that could somehow be orchestrated, could an earthquake off Mexico be intentional? Could three hurricanes in quick succession be man-made?

Logically, my mind says highly unlikely. But the one thing which nags away at me is how perfect the deniability of weaponising the weather is a cover for crippling your enemy with no repercussions.

The perfect storm? Three hurricanes line up in a row in September 2017
The perfect storm? Three hurricanes line up in a row in September 2017

It’s sleight of hand. Here’s a nuclear crisis with a trigger-happy crackpot in North Korea on one hand, here’s a developing crisis for the US with hurricanes in Texas and Florida on the other. But no one is going to bomb anyone because there is no one with their finger on the button we know of.

Is there a superpower who would like to see the US stumble? How many people want to strike at the US? On the anniversary of 9/11, I’d say quite a few.

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