The Hebdo suspects ‘identified after one leaves ID card in abandoned getaway car’

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The Hebdo suspects 'identified after one leaves ID card in abandoned getaway car'

According to reports, the three suspects involved in the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, were identified after one of them left his ID card in their abandoned getaway car.

The suspects were identified as two brothers, Said Kouachi 34  and Cherif Kouachi, 33 along with another younger man 18 yr old Hamyd Mourad,who has according to reports, surrendered to police pleading not guilty.

The Mirror reports: It has now emerged that the suspected terrorists have been identified after one of the brothers left his ID card in the Citroën C3 they abandoned as they escaped.

It was also reported that two of the machine gun-wielding murderers went to the wrong office in the minutes before the raid on the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo.

After being told by two maintenance workers that the correct location was two doors over, the men are reported to have killed one of the duo before launching their attack on the magazine.

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, David Cameron has revelaed that the terror threat level in Britain could be raised from severe to critical.

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