TEN vehicles and Police in riot gear sent to deal with noisy TV

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TEN vehicles and Police in riot gear sent to deal with noisy TV

Police deploy TEN vehicles and crews in riot gear to deal with  a TV that was on too loud.

The Mail Online reports: It started off as a call about a television that was on too loud but led to police deploying 10 cars, officers in riot gear and an ambulance.

The issue led to an eight-and-a-half hour siege and four people being arrested after complaints that a television was disrupting neighbours in Clackmannanshire in Scotland.

After the stand off was over two police officers were seen carrying the offending widescreen television out of the flat in Alloa

Officers were called to the flat, in a five story block in Pine Grove, Alloa, Clackmannanshire, in response to a noise complaint from neighbours on Monday and arrived at about 1.30am.

But the occupants allegedly refused to leave and the situation quickly began to resemble a siege, with officers in riot gear deployed and police locked in an eight-and-a-half hour standoff.

One of the accused exited the property around 6.30am voluntarily and finally, at around 9.45am, police entered the flat and arrested the remaining three.

They were also able to remove the offending television.

In total four people were arrested under Section 38 Criminal Justice and Licensing Act 2010 (threatening or abusive behaviour).

Liam Young, 26, Kirsty Taylor, 18, Ryan Kenneth Douglas, 22, and Carla Ann Gruar, 17, will all appear in Alloa Sheriff Court at a later date in connection with the allegations.

Mildred Gibson, 45, who lives above the flat where the incident took place and is aunt to Mr Young, said: ‘There was no need for all those police officers and ambulances to assist four kids who had the TV up too loud.

‘It couldn’t have been up that loud because I live directly above the flat and I couldn’t hear anything.’

She said the noise of the television was not what woke her, but the police outside the flat.

She said: ‘There was everything outside my front door apart from a helicopter – over 10 police cars and about four ambulances.

‘The police even had big Alsatian dogs with them, it was ridiculous.’

Mrs Gibson’s sister, Brenda Young, 58, Liam’s mother, said she tried to get the noisy tv watchers out of the flat but the police wouldn’t let her.

She said: ‘When I seen all the police cars and ambulances I ran over to see what was going on – it was my son in there.

‘I told the police I had a key and I would have the four of them out within two minutes but they wouldn’t let me go near for ‘safety reasons’.

‘They’ve now removed both my son’s TV and his Hi-Fi and I have to pay to get them back.’

She said she felt police were acting like it was a hostage situation, rather than a group of noisy youngsters.

Other neighbours reported hearing the noise of police and their dogs trying to get into the flat.




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