Joan Rivers Died of Extreme Propofol Dosage Administered In Fatal Surgery

Fact checked

Sad news from today (source):

Doctors who performed the procedure that led to Joan Rivers’ death screwed up by not following the proper procedure before sedating her with Propofol … according to a New York State agency.

The Dept. of Health and Human Services examined the Yorkville Endoscopy Center, where Joan stopped breathing. The Dept. found there’s no record that the staff weighed Joan before administering the Propofol … the point being, the amount of the sedative should be based on size.

The computer at the clinic also shows she was given a huge dosage of Propofol. A staff member told the Dept. she made a mistake inputting the dosage and put in more than twice the actual amount give to Joan.

And according to the report, Joan’s personal doctor, Gwen Korovin, came into the operating room without authorization. The Dept. says she announced to the room, “I will go first” … meaning she would do the first procedure on Joan.

And, according to the report, Joan only consented to an upper endoscopy procedure, but Dr. Korovin did more … a laryngoscopy.

As for the now-famous selfie pic that Dr. Korovin took in the room … according to the Dept. the doctor asked the staff to take the picture of her doing the procedure, saying Joan might have wanted it.

And finally … the Dept. says the doctors didn’t notice Joan was literally dying on the table. As her oxygen levels plummeted, they were oblivious.

Melissa Rivers tells TMZ she is “outraged by the misconduct and mismanagement.”


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  1. Propofol used to be called Veronal during ww1 and the Drs treating the Romanoffs had them on huge dosages as the Empress said ,drowning in it..They’ve found it very useful The witches in ridding themselves and their covens of troublesome persons who might speak the truth .Its no surprise they killed Joan after her telling publicly that Michele Obama was a transgender thus reinforcing the stories that Barack was or is a homosexual.

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