Professor Stephen Cohen: Apocalyptic Nuclear War With Russia ‘Inevitable’

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“Russia will strike, Americans in Syria will die.”

Prof Stephen Cohen warns nuclear war with Russia is now inevitable

Princeton University Professor Stephen Cohen warns that the prospect of nuclear war with Russia is now “inevitable”. 

Speaking with Tucker Carlson on Thursday night, Cohen said it is just a matter of time before the globe is plunged into a devastating war over the Syrian crisis.

Information Liberation reports: “If Russians die, if Damascus is attacked (the capital of Syria), Russia will retaliate with its excellent weapons, every bit as good as ours…some people say in some regards the missile technology better,” Cohen said.

“Russia will strike, Americans in Syria will die,” he said.

“We will be where we have never, ever, ever been with Russia, killing each other…bearing in mind that both nations are laden with Nuclear weapons,” Cohen continued.

“So, I am more worried than I have ever been in my life, at least since the Cuban missile crisis.”


  1. Modern Bolshevik Psychopaths call themselves Neo-Cons. Rabid War Monger idealogues devoid of conscience who encourage war and violence but never participate nor do any members of their family do any of the fighting.
    ” Power is a sort of tumor that ends up by killing the victims sympathies.” Henry Adams

  2. we didn’t need Steven the Khazarian Cohen to tell us this.. of course this is what is going to happen… Putin is actually a real leader….. hes not a puppet….. he will act on his own accord… in speed and finality….. amewhorica is about to be nuked……… how VERY VERY FUCKING EXCITING.. unless of course you live in amewhorica…. lololololol

  3. oh absolute cods wallop If America didn’t know without any doubts that they had total military supremacy,with england canada south africa australia new zealand spain holland germany france denamark sweden Latvia ukraine japan phillipines etc etc as their back up , they wouldnt go about provoking the world.

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