Rothschild Wealth Is Now Greater Than 75% Of World Population Combined

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The House of Rothschild control more wealth than the top 8 billionaires in the world and 75% of the total world population combined.

The House of Rothschild, the richest family in the world, controls more wealth than the world’s top 8 individual billionaires combined – and even more shockingly, more wealth than 75% of the total world population.

A recent report by Oxfam International highlights the dramatic rise in income equality by noting that the combined wealth of the world’s top 8 individual billionaires is more than the lower half of the world’s population, some 3.6 billion people. The intention of the report was to bring awareness to the unfairness and injustice inherent in our global economic system.

Listed below are the 8 billionaires along with their estimated wealth, which combined equals $426.2 billion.

Bill Gates – $75 b
Amancio Ortega – $67 b
Warren Buffett – $60.8 b
Carlos Slim Helu – $50 b
Jeff Bezos – $45.2 b
Mark Zuckerberg – $44.6 b
Larry Ellison – $43.6 b
Michael Bllomberg – $40 b

Waking Times reports: Oxfam’s assertion that world economies are mismanaged in favor of the wealthy is undoubtedly true, however the report failed to hit the mark on this serious issue by not acknowledging the greatest problem with the world’s economy, which is the global central banking model of privately owned debt-based fiat currencies.

The current banking model is the product of hundreds of years of planned development, structuring, manipulation, force and trickery which began in earnest with Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who first established banking and finance houses in Germany in the 18th century.

The careful cultivation of his wealth with the assistance of his five sons allowed Rothschild to profit immensely during the French Revolution by providing financing and war materials to Austria, which in turn allowed the budding family empire to evolve into a multi-national organization, henceforth becoming a major financier of industry and war.

Around that time, Rothschild sent his five sons to live in the capital cities of various European countries. His goal was to have each of his children establish a banking business in Frankfurt, Naples, Vienna, Paris, and London, and throughout the 1800s, they did. With Mayer Rothschild’s children spread across Europe, the Rothschilds became the first bank to transcend borders. Lending to governments to finance war operations for the past several centuries provided ample opportunity to accumulate bonds and shore up additional wealth in a range of different industries.” [Source]

Fast forward to 2016, the Rothschild family is a dynasty of unimaginable wealth which manages to somehow conceal it for the most part, never quite being publicly credited as the richest and most influential family in the world. By dividing their capital and holdings up amongst the many members of the family, including numerous descendants and heirs, occasionally a single member of the family will appear on a list of the world’s top individuals, however, the family as a whole represents the largest fortune ever known.

Traditionally, the Rothschild fortune is invested in closely held corporations. Most family members are employed by these corporations directly or invested in operations that generate family wealth. The remarkable success of the family has largely been due to a strong interest in cooperation, being entrepreneurs and the practice of shrewd business principles.” [Source]

Investopedia estimates the family’s total wealth at over $2 trillion in assets and holdings, including some of the world’s oldest living corporations:

“…their holdings span a number of diverse industries, including financial services, real estate, mining, energy and even charitable work.There are a few Rothschild-owned financial institutions still operating in Europe, including N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd in the United Kingdom, and Edmond de Rothschild Group in Switzerland. The family also owns more than a dozen wineries in North America, Europe, South America, South Africa and Australia.” [Source]

At $2 trillion plus, the family’s reported wealth is closing in on five times as much as the combined wealth of the world’s top 8 individual billionaires, meaning that the Rothschild family alone controls more wealth than perhaps three-fourths or more of the world’s total population.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. In the Jewish calendar this year is the year 5777, the Jubilee year which happens every seventh ‘shmitta’ year.According to the Law of God, as taught in Judaism,EVERYONE is obliged to cancel their debts on the Jubilee year ,in order that society does not turn into a slave/master society where the wealthy few reduce the majority to debt slavery .The Rothschild’s have dominated the financial system which is based on fractional reserve banking and the family has a major controlling stake in the Federal Reserve bank of the United States,that prints the dollars that are then given to the US Treasury,each greenback carries a burden of interest and this is how the US government has become indebted to the the tune of nearly 20 trillion,because the Fed controls the supply of the US dollar .Rabbi Johnathan Cohen in his book the “The Harbinger” explains how the financial crises that have befallen the US and world economy have partly been caused by the refusal of the major banks and the Fed to allow for a debt amnesty,hence why consumer confidence in the west is falling.Many experts warn that the US is on the verge of a currency collapse that would create a major world depression. No doubt,the families that control the Federal Reserve are aware of the imminent disaster and might explain why they have distributed their accumulated wealth around the globe. The world is on the verge of an unimaginably disastrous economic depression brought about by the inherently flawed system of fractional reserve banking,combined with the refusal of the banking system to write off debt as part of the shmittah cycle of rest and renewal which also requires the land to be left fallow every seven years.

    • Exactly – it is an illegal debt that is not owed. I do not understand why we are so concerned with America’s debt. It is a paper debt, that is unconstitutional since Congress is only allowed to coin money. Lock them UP! Lock them Up!

      • Trump now needs to renew HR 11110 that JF Kennedy passed through Congress that gave the US Treasury authority to start issuing silver and gold backed currency into the circulation ,very quickly consumers,savers and investers would cotton on and demand for the USTreasury notes would quickly overtake demand for the increasingly worthless Federal Reserve notes.It”s possibly the reason why JF Kennedy was assassinated though,and as soon as Lyndon Johnson became acting President he revoked HR 11110 and recalled the silver backed US Treasury notes from circulation.Trump needs to be careful,the whole world (minus the gangsters) are relying on Trump to succeed,even those trendy misguided socialists,neoliberals and feminists who would lose everything if the world free falls into a 3rd world war or economic collapse.

  2. The Lord God.. the God of Abraham… Isaac .. and Jacob…. will carry out his vengeance on this earth with speed and finality… very very soon…

  3. ” The Rothschilds Central Banking Cabal invented State Zionism (State of Israel) usurping Judaisms non-state identity. Just as they invented Communism, Marxism, Fascism, Nationalism, Socialism, ursurping other Nations State identities for economic upheaval so as to institiute centralization of debt money to their Banks.” End of New World Order Story

  4. Why do these writers reuse to even come close to the Rothschilds actual wealth? It is not in any taxation journals, nor is it on any list of the world’s richest people. Does that make them non-human? Their actual wealth is closer to $500 TRILLION, so why the disparity with these writers only declaring that they are worth a mere $2 Trillion!? Blows my mind at the puppets reporting for them!!!

  5. It would all fine, if they obtained their wealth legally and held onto it legally. There is nothing but blood all over that money.

  6. Trump’s puppet Masters. Lord Baron saved his casino in Atlantic City and looked who he named his son after. Also look at Wilbur Ross who ran Rothschild’s INC for like 20 years. Trump put Wilbur in his cabinet. What a coincidence. I hoped Trump wasn’t another lying P.O.S. The proofs in the pudding. Instead of draining the swamp he sicked them on his supporters. Some still rotting in a D.C. gulag. Yet nothing ever happens to him. I want a refund for sending him money. Not to mention we’ve been overran by illegals worse than ever. There’s an old but true statement about D.C. Nothing happens in Washington that’s not planned. This is all a CIA/FBI psyop. A military operation ran against the American people. It’s clear Trump is controlled opposition to label his supporters as terrorist’s. As was the plan all along. Just wait where all this mess ends up. It’s gonna be a real $π!+ Show.

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