Meghan McCain: The Worse Unemployment Gets Because of Coronavirus, the More Biden ‘Has to Benefit’

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Meghan McCain boasts that the rising unemployment due to coronavirus means Biden stands to benefit

On Friday’s broadcaset of “The View,” co-host Meghan McCain boasted that more people losing their jobs due to coronavirus would “benefit” Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign.

While the panel was discussing the pandemic preventing Biden from campaigning, Joy Behar noted, “Well, he does need more exposure. I’ll give him that. I mean, this guy is on every night, bloviating for 2, 3 hours, taking questions, making up stories. Biden could use a little air time, and I think that the media should start giving it to him, starting with us. We should have him here on a regular basis. And as far as a vice presidential pick, I think that somebody who’s going to bring the states that he needs is where that has to go, and somebody who we could see as the next president who will continue to bring stability and calmness and empathy to a country that’s in pain basically. I mean, we are in pain right now. And we need somebody to take care of us, and I think that man is Joe Biden.”

McCain responded, “I think it’s difficult right now because obviously, his huge strength is his retail politics. I have yet to meet anyone who has met and interacted with this man in person and didn’t come away saying, ‘I may disagree with some of his politics, but he’s a really authentic person.’ That is a huge gift and a huge asset to the Biden campaign, and with the coronavirus, he’s unable to do that right now.”

“I do think, you know, he’s talking about announcing his cabinet early, the people he’s going to choose. I think this could be really interesting and provocative because if we all know Joe, and all of us on this show do, I actually think it has the potential to be a really bipartisan cabinet. Again I’m only telling you this as a conjecture of my own beliefs. Nothing I know. That we could see Republicans and Democrats and independents in this cabinet, and I do think to Joy’s point, this country is in a lot of pain, and if there’s one thing that I’m constantly striving for, is for us to be meeting in the middle, celebrating the things that unite us as a country instead of the things that tear us apart,” she continued.

McCain added, “We are in the middle of one of the great crises of my lifetime, and all of our lifetimes. I do think a president who has character and empathy is something that most Americans are longing for, and I think the worse these job numbers get, and the worse the unemployment numbers get, I think the more he has to benefit from this my biggest concern is his inability to campaign right now. There’s nothing we can do about that right now, unless like you pointed out, Joy, is continue to interview him continue to put him on our air as we would any candidate.”


  1. So more than just a dumb blonde She actually has a clue .Clever girl now Maybe she can add ,1 +1 and get ?

  2. As much as.I.despise trumps rabid extreme leftism, it is not his fault that this virus came here or into being/existing. Remember, it was fauxi under Obama who funded the virus research at the bio lab.Trump is responsible for retaining fauxi though. And I don’t know how but he continually wins the globalist neocon Deep state lottery when choosing and giving officials vast power. Actually, its either one massive almost 4 year coincidence of screw ups, or… dare I say it? (Yes, yes, I do, dare!) He’s choosing them on purpose.

    • “Trump’s rabid extreme leftism”?????? What have you been smoking?? It is obvious that you’ve never watched even one of his speeches or even 5 minutes of him talking. You are being lied to by mainstream media/cable news HUGELY if you think that. I’ve watched him for 40 yrs, he was NEVER a racist just to let you know how much the news lies. But he likes to dragnets the bad guys, he hires them, dragnets them, then gets the evidence of their crimes so they can be brought to justice.There really is a method to his madness. He is brilliant and a good man, you need to start listening to him to see who he really is. Otherwise, you will just like like a huge fool – oh wait…

      • I shall address your BS comments one by one.
        1. Sure, I’ve watched him talk. I also watch what he does because “talk is cheap”. And what’s he’s done is to forget, to break, and to reverse almost all of the comments that you find so sweet to your gullible ears. FACT. Btw, He’s also said things like take the guns first…and that he wants as many immigrants as possible. He’s.also the biggest tax & spend liberal ever. He also fully funds planned parenthood, every year. He says nothing about WikiLeaks anymore. Athough he loved them. I wonder if he loved them as much as he loves the tyrant in north Korea? Whom he said he fell in love with. Oh, and he let killery off too. Perhaps, you’re a closet leftist and its those words/things that you find yummy?
        2. You’ve watched him for 40years? Oh so you know that he was a lifetime leftist, until be wasn’t… until he decided to run for pres. Well that explains a lot about you.
        3. I rarely watch MSM. I’ve known that they lie since the 1960’s You shouldn’t ASSume.
        4. I said nothing about Racism. You pulled that completely out of your rear. Which smells really bad, btw. I can smell it from here.
        5.. What? He purposely hires the bad guys and appoints them to great power? Well That’s a novel way to catch bad guys, lol. Well..That’s frackin insane. But ill humor your insanity. How many of these purposely appointed bad guys has he prosecuted? … I’m waiting…. Oh, none. Yeah, that makes sense. Tic toc….
        6. So there’s a “method to his madness”? Yeah, you got that much right. It is madness. Leftist madness.
        Anyone real that reads this, they know who’s telling the truth and whose speaking plainly. Hint: it isn’t you. You should be fired for such bad shilling.

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