Estonia’s Foreign Minsiter Claims Only NATO or Nukes Can Save Ukraine From Russia

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nato or nukes

In an interview with Newsweek , Estonia’s foreign minister Urmas Reinsalu urged NATO allies not to exclude Ukraine from the transnational alliance in exchange for peace with Russia.

He warned that doing so would strand Ukraine in a “grey zone” in which its only means of deterring further aggression from Moscow would be the use of increasingly devastating weapons.

TSN.AU reports: According to him, in the future, perhaps the only guarantee of Ukraine’s security from Moscow is membership in the NATO or possession of nuclear weapons. Since this option is “impossible and undesirable,” Reinsalu urged the allies not to deny Ukraine NATO membership in exchange for a truce with Russia.

“If we say that we would not in practice see Ukraine as a member of NATO after this war, it would mean that we are afraid—or predict that—Russia will attack again and then NATO countries will be involved in a world war, or at least a war over the European continent,” Estonian Foreign Minister emphasized.

He criticized the alternative to Ukraine’s membership in NATO – a security treaty, which, according to The Wall Street Journal, is being proposed by the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

” What’s the point of trying to copy NATO if you are making it clear that it is not NATO? It’s like a half-NATO. I would be rather suspicious of that replica,” he noted.

According to Reinsalu, if Ukraine remains outside the NATO security zone, it will undermine the country’s recovery process. After all, it will have to invest resources primarily in defense.


  1. Only Rothschild controlled Russia / China can Save world from lunatic NATO. Of course the loons will walk and the people of NATO countries will have to pay world war III war reparations.

  2. “WAR IS PEACE” and such LIES as “above so below” is Orwellian propaganda by the gangsters who lick the Stiefflen of the new n@zio’s!

    They are the ones that promise to save the world, but do not for they are from the synagogue of the satan.

  3. DMZ=war showcase with all the nukes removed ages ago by super power proxy agreement.Just like all thee other faux wars to kill the poor and feed the rich.

  4. ” Ukraine’s security from Moscow is membership in the NATO ”

    What would make possible for the USA to plant their Rockets on the Eastern Border of Ukraine – from where these could reach Moscow within 4 Minutes .

    And plant their ABM-s there, what would create a situation like fighting a Duel in which Russia has its pistol in the buttoned-up holder while Uncle Sam pushes the nozzle of his against the temple of Mother Russia .

    Perfect Guarantee for WW III .

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