UK School Caught Tricking Seventeen Kids Into Changing Their Gender

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UK school caught encouraging 17 students to change their gender

A whistleblower teacher claims seventeen vulnerable children are being coerced into changing their gender at a British school. 

According to the teacher, many of the students are already in the process of changing their gender after being tricked by teachers into thinking they are the wrong sex.

One autistic teenager is preparing to undergo a double mastectomy. reports: The woman, who was not named, claimed to a newspaper that she was told to not tell parents or other teachers if a student said they were transgender.

The trend was said to have been encouraged by older students who underwent the changed and then groomed younger pupils.

The majority of those identifying as transgender are girls who claim to be ‘non-binary’ or ‘identify’ as boys.

There also was a small number of boys who identify as girls.

The students may be already taking drugs in the process of preparing for the life-changing surgery, the Mail on Sunday reports.

The teacher told the paper: “I was discussing the topic of menstruation during a class recently and was called out by one of the pupils who now identifies as a boy for failing to say that boys can have periods too.

Of course they can’t and it sounds like a joke but a lot of teachers are terrified of making a slip-up.”

The school was not named.

Conservative MP David Davies told thepaper: “I congratulate this teacher for coming out and telling us what I have long suspected has been going on in schools.

“It is horrendous that children are being encouraged by other pupils to identify as transgender, particularly if they have autism.”

The 17 to have decided to change their gender were reported to wear identical clothing and hairstyles while adopting the names of transgender YouTube stars.

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