UK Pupils Will Be Given Special ‘Coronation Lessons’ This Week

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Schoolchildren across the uk will be given Special ‘coronation lessons’ this week to prepare them for the upcoming event.

Pupils will take part in a coronation-themed lessons and even a multiple-choice quiz.

According to schools Minister Nick Gibb ‘These resources not only celebrate the Coronation, but also ensure young people understand its significance, as well the role of the Monarchy within our constitution.’

The Mail Online reports: Education Ministers have commissioned a series of lesson plans and teaching materials for primary and secondary schools.

The royal-themed lessons cover the history and symbolism of crowns and ceremonial headdresses, as well as the other items children will see at the coronation such as the chair, stone, orb and sceptre, as well as the holy oil poured onto the golden spoon and used to anoint the King. 

As well as the quiz for secondary school pupils, teachers will also have access to a timeline of Coronations across history, a map of Westminster Abbey showing symbolic areas, as well as slides and images.

For partially-sighted or blind children, the Department for Education (DfE) has also funded the charity Living Paintings to produce a pack of audio and tactile resources, including representations of objects from the Crown Jewels and audio descriptions.

DfE sources said that the teaching materials reflect the fact that children, like most adults, will not have seen a Coronation in their lifetime, and many will not have heard the word before.

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