Joe Biden Tells Media ‘We Have A Lot To Be Proud Of… It’s Over For Tucker Carlson’

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During the annual White House correspondents dinner, Joe Biden decided to gloat over his ‘achievments’ and Tucker Carlson’s removal from FOX News.

The media were not sure how to react and there even some audible gasps from the crowd when Biden said:

“The job isn’t finished, I mean it is finished for Tucker Carlson”

He continued: “What are you ooing about, like you think that’s not reasonable? Give me a break.”

As for the rest of his lies….well, Biden has managed to singlehandedly to destroy the Middle Class and has ruined countless lives with his covid vaccine mandates.

The president made several sharp quips about a number of Republicans

Only a toxic mainstream media could appreciate his ‘sense of humor’….watch below if you can bear it:

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