RFK Jr: Bill Gates & WEF Are Using Climate Change To Usher in Totalitarian Controls On Society

Fact checked

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr clarified his views on climate change and pollution issues during a recent interview with Kim Iverson.

During Friday’s interview, Kennedy claimed that “mega-billionaires” like Bill Gates are using climate change to usher in “totalitarian controls” of the population.

He said:

Climate issues and pollution issues are being exploited by, you know, the the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates and all of these big, you know, mega billionaires. The same way that COVID was exploited to use it as an excuse to clamp down top down totalitarian controls on society and to and then to give us engineering solutions. And if you look closely, as it turns out, the guys who are promoting those engineering solutions are the people who own the IPS, the patents for those solutions. It’s a way they’ve given climate chaos a bad name because people now see that it’s just another crisis that’s being used to strip by the wealth of the poor and to enrich billionaires. And I, for 40 years, have had the same policy on climate and engineering. You can go check my speeches from the 1980s, and I’ve said, the most important solution for environmental issues? Not top down controls. It’s free market capitalism.


  1. I don’t think so. First there is no climate change.
    Second there us no free market and third capitalism doesn’t work for people without capital.

  2. He’s correct about poison pharma, vaccines, WEF & the NWO tyrants but he’s wrong about the made-up “climate crisis.” I thought he was smarter than that.

  3. 109 fish tail JFK was operation paperclip thusly he was shot along with the other 1600SS nazi he imported to america for NASa and the space center NUCLEAR arms race and build up

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