Colin Powell Wants Confederate Named Bases Renamed “Quickly”

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Colin Powell Confederate named bases

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has said that military bases named after Confederate leaders need to renamed “as quickly as we can”.

On CBS’s “Meet the Press” the former four-star general who served under former President George W. Bush, said he supports the push to rename Army bases named after Confederate leaders. 

Breitbart reports: Powell said, “I would rename the bases. We hadn’t thought about that a few years ago. But now with Black Lives Matter and all the issues that are before us, I think it is a good idea to rename the 10 bases in the United States Army that are named after Confederates. I never really thought about it. I went to Fort Benning, Georgia, named after a Confederate, and I did all my training there, but it never stuck to me that this name should be changed. So I fully support what John Millie is doing. I think it’s something we should do quickly as we can.”

He added, “The Confederate flag is now an explicit demonstration of another time, place and country that has nothing to do with the United States of America, it was the Confederate States of America, they were not part of us, and this is not the time to keep demonstrating who they were and what they were back then. This is time to move on. Let’s get going. We have one flag and only one flag only, and that’s the flag we should all support, and all display and all be proud of.”

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