Barack Obama: Trump Is Bringing Down The ‘New World Order’

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Obama warns Trump presidency is bringing down the New World Order

Barack Obama has expressed concern that President Trump is bringing down the ‘New World Order’ and destroying decades of work done by globalist leaders.  

Speaking with New York Magazine, the former president admitted that Trump’s actions in dismantling the global international order are “what worries him most.” reports: Obama spent two months after leaving the Oval Office traveling the globe and continues to pay close attention to international events and meets with world leaders like Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel.

“When he lets his guard down, he admits that he misses being in the middle of the international fray,” the article reports.

Obama plans to turn his energy and idealism for global affairs to activism.

The forthcoming Obama Foundation is expected to be a “grand, global convening zone” according to the story, featuring “international programming.”