Rand Paul Blasts FEMA! “What purpose are bayonets being given out for?”

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From an article in Liberty Viral:  “Senator Rand Paul publicly denounced the militarization of police as a response to the events in Ferguson, Missouri. Paul spoke before a meeting of the Senate Homeland Security Committee at a hearing on Tuesday to ask questions about the type of equipment that local police are attaining from the Department of Defense.

The Assistant Administrator of FEMA for Grant Programs, Brian Kamoie, responded to Senator Paul that the categories of personal protective equipment for police officers contain a prohibition for the use of riot suppression. Kamoie promised to investigate the incidents in Missouri to determine whether there was a misuse of equipment against civilians.

Paul appeared angry about the use of MRAP trucks in towns as small as 3,900 people. The Kentucky senator put the FEMA representative and the Obama administration on blast for handing out thousands of bayonets to local police. “What purpose are bayonets being given out for?”

“I can’t answer what a local police force would use a bayonet for,” Alan Estevez said. “We’re going to look at what we’re providing under the administration’s review of all these programs.”

Due to the bipartisan nature of the hearings, and the public outcry against it, the Pentagon is now reviewing the program that gives away military equipment to local police forces for free.”




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