Chicago ID Card For Illegal Immigrants Accepted For Voter Registration

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A Chicago city ID designed for illegal immigrants will be accepted as a valid form of identification to register to vote in Illinois.

A Chicago city ID card designed primarily for illegal immigrants will be accepted as a valid form of identification to register to vote in Illinois, according to Chicago’s city clerk. 

The CityKey will be a government-issued photo ID card “available to all Chicago residents regardless of immigration status, criminal record, housing status, or gender identity,” according to the city clerk’s website.

When questioned about the legality of the move, Illinois State Board of Elections spokesman Matt Dietrich said “the final call on what documents to accept rests with local officials.

There are 109 local election authorities in Illinois,” Dietrich said. “They’re the ones who actually handle the registration, the checking of IDs, and keeping the documentation. We maintain an electronic database of voter registrations that we get from them.

Dietrich also admitted to Illinois News Network that there is no state requirement to prove citizenship while registering to vote. According to the State Board of Elections spokesman, requiring potential voters to check a box that says “Yes, I am a citizen” is enough to deter non-citizens from voting.

When you go to register to vote, you do check a box that attests to your citizenship,” Dietrich said. “You are signing a legal document that says, ‘Yes, I am a citizen.’ But no one who registers to vote is required to bring in, for example, a birth certificate or other proof of citizenship. That’s something that you check the box, and you attest to it.”

Staggeringly, Chicago officials have admitted that they also accept “expired foreign passports” and “foreign driver’s licenses” as valid forms of identification to register to vote in the city.


Chicago officials will accept a long list of documents from residents to establish their identities. Current driver’s licenses and state IDs will be valid, as will expired foreign passports, foreign driver’s licenses, high school or GED diplomas, and more. Dietrich says given the information he has seen, it appears the Chicago commissioners are making the right call.

I believe, from what I’ve read, the Chicago municipal ID would live up to the qualifications under state statute for what a government-issued ID is. So that would be a legal form of ID for the board of elections to accept.”

Dietrich’s naivety on the matter of voter fraud is so extreme it raises the question of whether the State Board of Elections is intentionally allowing illegal immigrants to vote in order to swing elections for the left.

Countless voter fraud scandals have been exposed across the country in recent years, and they all have one thing in common. The benefactors of the fraud were Democratic candidates. To suggest that requiring voters to check a box affirming “Yes, I am a citizen” is a satisfactory deterrent is frankly absurd.

Last year a CBS4 Denver investigation found multiple cases of dead men and women voting for Hillary Clinton in Colorado months and in some cases years after their deaths.

This was far from an isolated case. In Virginia, Andrew Spieles, who was working for a Democrat-affiliated voter registration group, was caught filing Hillary Clinton applications in September on behalf of 19 dead people, including a WWII veteran. He was convicted and sentenced to 100 days in prison, but experts warn the vast majority of cases go undetected.

It seems Chicago isn’t interested in ensuring their elections are legitimate. The city has a long history of corruption and political malfeasance, and it seems the State Elections Board is content to keep it that way.

You can only vote once — this isn’t Chicago, now,” Obama said at a rally in Milwaukee for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke. When the former president is prepared to joke about the issue, you know there is a serious problem.

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