President Trump Calls DNC Chair Race ‘Totally Rigged’

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President Trump calls DNC chair race 'rigged'

President Trump blasted the DNC Chair race as “totally rigged” on Sunday, claiming that Hillary Clinton and her goons still run the Democrat party.

In a scathing tweet, Trump claimed that the newly elected DNC chair, Tom Perez, was chosen by Hillary Clinton because of his anti-Bernie Sanders agenda.

Sanders backed failed chair hopeful Keith Ellison, who also had strong support from big names in the party such as Chuck Schumer and New York Myor Bill De Blasio.

Despite this, however, Clinton’s favourite ,Tom Perez, was declared the winner against all the odds. reports:

Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez on Saturday defeated Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) to become the next DNC chairman in a win for centrist Democrats.

The race split along establishment-grassroots lines and in many ways mirrored the divisive 2016 presidential primary between Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Hillary Clinton.

Sanders and many of his allies backed Ellison, the first-ever Muslim elected to Congress and a star on the left.

“Congratulations to Thomas Perez, who has just been named Chairman of the DNC. I could not be happier for him, or for the Republican Party!” Trump tweeted on Sunday, sparking a response from the new DNC chairman.