University Study: Planets Are Warming In Same Way As Earth

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Man-made global warming is a hoax according to a study that proves other planets in the solar system are warming in the same way as Earth.

Man-made global warming is a misleading hoax according to a new study by planetary scientists at Penn State University that proves other planets in our solar system experience the same temperature peaks and troughs as Earth.

Climate change is natural and it happens on Mars and other solar system planets, despite the lack of humans on those planets to directly cause the temperature changes. Our planet is far from unique in experiencing temperature changes over time.

The university study goes as far as saying that gas-fueled climate activities and greenhouse gasses have scarred Mars in much the same way they have affected Earth.

Nature World News reports: the new study is looking into the possibility of how gas-fuelled climate changes that resulted in the accumulation of greenhouse gasses could be the cause of some formative changes on the surface of Mars.

The study led by planetary scientists suggest that carbon dioxide and hydrogen trapped in the atmosphere could have scarred the Martian surface.

It has always bewildered experts how the massive canyons on Mars, during a time when the planet was frozen, formed. The canyons bear resemblance to the canyons on Earth formed by flowing liquid water.

Based on the study, Mars could have experience long warm climate cycle. These warm cycles lasted for 10 million years per interval due to Greenhouse gasses from the thick atmosphere with carbon dioxide and hydrogen. This cycle enables the formation of Martian valleys and canyons, according to a report.

With the cycling hypothesis, you get these long periods of warmth that give you sufficient time to form all the different Martian valley networks,” Natasha Batalha, a graduate student from astronomy and astrophysics at Penn State said in a press release.

The study used climate models in order to come up with the findings. The models show that it took the planet a series of 10 million years of warm periods to enable the formation of canyons and scarring from greenhouse gasses.

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How then do the greenhouse gasses scar the planet? Researchers say that the gasses in the atmosphere were influenced by volcanic eruptions from cooling magma or those seeping from the crust. The carbon was stored in the ground due to chemical weathering since there is very less rainfall on Mars and that it was cold in there during that time. The carbon deposits are vital in the climate change process on Mars.

It’s receiving less solar flux, so you start at a glaciated state. There is volcanic outgassing, but because you are colder, you don’t get the same deposition of carbon back into the planet’s surface. Instead, you get this atmospheric buildup and your planet slowly starts to rise in temperature,” Batalha said in the same press release.

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