Biden’s Cognitive Decline Mocked On Italian TV

Fact checked
Joe Biden skit

Despite the White House and media gaslighting the American people that Joe Biden is fit to be President, the rest of the world isn’t buying it.

An Italian TV station aired a skit which portrayed Biden as an ailing and confused old man who couldn’t find his way to the podium or manage to utter a coherent sentence.

The clip which went viral on Twitter/ X over the weekend, opened with a confused Biden missing the podium multiple times….

TGP reports: The Biden character opens his remarks by mistaking Israeli President Isaac Herzog with the deceased former leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, and then names former NBA star Michael Jordan.

“I said to the president of Israel, Mikhail Gorbachev…” he says. “Sorry, Michael Jordan, when he went to the moon…long shot from Dallas.”

“Sorry, it wasn’t the moon, it was Mars. ‘Mars Attacks.’ Beautiful film where Netanyahu sang, ‘Somewhere over the garage,’” the performance went on before a briefcase representing the nuclear football was pulled out and opened to reveal a giant red button.

“I forgot to take the pills!” he yells before pushing a button and then the screen cut to an explosion.


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