Rudy Giuliani Says Black Lives Matter Are Racist

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Rudy Giuliani calls Black Lives Matter a racist organisation

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani has issued a scathing attack on the Black Lives Matter movement, declaring the organisation of being “inherently racist”. 

Following Beyonce’s call to arms to start a race war in America, Giuliani has stepped in to comment on the hypocrisy that she and others have when it comes to black rights. reports:

“When you say black lives matter, that’s inherently racist.. and anti-American,” Giuliani states, saying that instead of telling young black kids to fear the police, parents should “teach your [black] children that the real danger to them 99 time out of 100 is not the police, but other blacks.”

“There are 60 shootings in Chicago and Black Lives Matter is non-existent… but one black life is lost to a police officer, under very questionable circumstances, and Black Lives Matter are all over it… which makes one wonder, do black lives matter? or just black lives taken by policemen?”

Giuliani further urges police to introduce a “zero tolerance policy” of “no disrespect.”


  1. The first accomplishment of the Biden/Harris regime is exploiting division by race. The left-wing extremists tried to bring together two distinct “matters”.
    #1: Black Lives Matter
    #2: Asians Lives Matter

    Using a little online search, it appears 85% of crimes against Asians were committed by Blacks. If these two “matters” can do a peaceful riot together guess which of the two ends up “richer” & the other “poorer”. Just saying..

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