Craigslist Lists San Francisco Sinkhole For Rent – Video

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There has been a lot of news lately about the GIANT sinkhole in San Francisco – and, as with all major news events, some are wanting to capitalize on it.

According to GeoBeats News‘ YouTube description:

Sinkholes are appearing across the country with alarming frequency, and among the latest to develop are two that showed up in San Francisco following heavy rains.

The larger of them is situated in an intersection in the city’s Richmond District.

At 15 by 15 feet it’s so roomy, in fact, that one funny person decided to put it on Craigslist as a residential rental.

The ad, which includes photos of the disaster, reads, “1 bedroom sink hole for rent. Just opened up, act fast. Best deal in San Francisco…Sun roof and exciting ambient city soundscapes provide for excellent entertaining.”

At 28 hundred dollars a month the asking price is a bit high, but not entirely out of line for housing in the area.

It’s unclear how long it will be available for occupation, as the city hasn’t announced a timeline for the filling of the hole.

For now, the street surrounding it has been closed indefinitely and crews have created an adjacent burrow as a means of getting to an important pipe.

The for rent ad does not mention if the manmade pit is part of the deal. Given the ad content, it’s likely it’ll get removed from Craigslist soon.

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