It’s ‘Not Rational’ To Deport Migrants Says Biden

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Joe Biden

When questioned about the migrant surge President Biden told reporters it is “not rational” to send them back to their homes in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

A reporter asked Biden on Tuesday why the border was “more overwhelmed” on his watch.

Biden said that “fewer immigrants (are)coming from Central America and from Mexico”

He then added: “This is a totally different circumstance [from prior years]. What’s on my watch now is Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua. And the ability to send them [the migrants] back to those states is not rational.”

Almost 2.15 million immigrants have been apprehended at the border this year, a significant spike from data collected over the last four years, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Breitbart reports: However, Biden’s migration is unfairly pressuring down Americans’ wages. It is also boosting rents and housing prices, and pushing up inflation for a wide variety of goods, such as used autos and food.

Biden’s opposition to deportation is also giving the GOP an advantage in the midterm elections. Biden’s migration is giving voters rational pocketbook reasons to vote for the GOP in the House and even the Senate. Those rational votes could sink the agendas pushed by other advocacy groups within the Democratic Party.

So far, GOP leaders are moving slowly to make a pocketbook case against migration in the 2022 election, amid strong pressure from donors who do not want the public to view migration as an economic issue.

Biden’s non-enforcement policy may also be illegal. Congress passed its popular border laws to bar economic migrants from taking jobs that would otherwise be upgraded and given to better-paid Americans. However, Biden’s border policy may soon be vetoed by the Supreme Court, which is responsible for ensuring that Congress’ laws are implemented and enforced by the administration.

Since 2021, Biden has accepted an inflow of almost 2 million southern migrants from many countries around the world.

In August, Biden’s welcome attracted more migrants from distant countries than he did from Mexico, and three countries in Central America, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

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