Kansas Gov. Backtracks Again, Says Men Should Play In Women’s Sports 

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Kansas Gov Laura Kelly

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly can’t quite make her mind up about men playing in womens sports.

The Democrat governor has just returned to denying biological reality after receiving backlash for releasing an advertisement stating: “of course men should not play girls’ sports.”

Kelly failed to mention her vetoes of the ‘Fairness in Women’s Sports Act’ bill.

Kelly took heat from both sides of the political aisle for her ad. Those on the left felt she had not been loyal enough to the religion of gender ideology and Republicans accused her of trying to “have it both ways.”

Breietbart reports: Kelly’s GOP opponent, Derek Schmidt, was quick to point out that Kelly’s ad claims were contrary to the fact that she vetoed legislation protecting women and girls’ sports not once, but twice.

The vulnerable incumbent agreed to an interview with the The Kansas City Star‘s editorial board, in which she quickly  “clarified” that she actually does think males should be able to play on female sports teams.

According to the report:

[Kelly] denied that her ad was specifically targeted at transgender student-athletes when given the example of a 16-year-old high school student. Instead, she claimed her ad was talking about ‘a male over the age of 18’ who wanted to compete with girls — implying that her comments were about age rather than just gender identity. “The ad that I put out was to respond to the misleading attacks that my opponent has put out that I favor letting men play in girls sports,” Kelly claimed. “I have never said that.”

Kelly further doubled down, saying “the bills that [she] vetoed were discriminatory.”

“They were also designed by politicians. If this had come from the Kansas High School Activities Association, which is the governing body for sports in our schools, I would have addressed it differently,” she continued.

In stark contrast, Schmidt has promised to sign the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act within his first 100 days in office if he is elected governor.

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