Liz Cheney: I’m Running for President to Protect Americans from Trump

Fact checked
Liz Cheney says she is running to protect Americans from Trump becoming president

Dick must have really messed up his daughter Liz Cheney. So much so that she’s now considering running for President “to protect the nation from Donald Trump.”

Liz, the daughter of neo-con warmonger Dick Cheney, was raised to the top of the Republican party by former Speaker and fellow Trump hater Paul Ryan. reports: Liz Cheney, who’s totally biased and hateful, is running the unconstitutional and arguably criminal investigation in the House, that ignores the 2020 Election crimes while making up crimes against protesters of the stolen 2020 Election.  Liz is currently on the speaker circuit in DC until they use her up and she goes by the wayside.

Cheney was on ‘This Is Weak’ on ABC where she shared that she hadn’t decided if she was going to run for President in 2024 yet.  (What a joke.)

Cheney also sees her mission as destroying President Trump and the country’s biggest political base in history that voted for him.  Cheney is angry and she wants the Republican Party the insignificant puddle of politicians that it is.  She apparently likes watching communist lefties destroy the country in every way possible.

Liz Cheney wouldn’t even get Dick’s vote in a run for the President in 2024.