PM sets out tough new anti-terror measures in response to heightened threat

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‘David Cameron and Nick Clegg have agreed to a toughening of anti-terror measures in what will be seen as a return of control orders in all but name, it emerged last night. The Prime Minister will address the House of Commons tomorrow on Parliament’s first day back after the summer recess to tell MPs how the Government is responding to the heightened terror threat to the UK and the rise of Islamic State.

Despite the Liberal Democrat party having major reservations about further anti-terror measures encroaching on civil liberties and human rights, the Deputy Prime Minister has been briefed along with the Prime Minister by security officials on the serious nature of the threat, which was raised on Friday from “substantial” to “severe” – meaning an attack on British soil is “highly likely”. Senior Lib Dems have accepted that the Government’s current terrorism prevention and investigation measures (TPims) need to be enhanced.

The Labour government’s control orders, which were scrapped in 2012, restricted the movement of terrorism suspects through tagging, curfews and relocation to other towns and cities. There were also restrictions on mobile phone and internet use – increasingly crucial in stopping young British Muslims from being lured abroad to fight in foreign wars. TPims do not limit suspects’ movements to the same extent, and also allow some mobile and internet use.’

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