Pro Israel US Politicians Pushing For World War 3, Claims Analyst

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American journalist David Christie has said that he believes US politicians are hoping that nuclear talks between Iran and world powers fail, so that a war involving Israel and Iran can commence – a war that’s likely to mean World War III for the human race. 

Speaking to Press TV on Sunday, Christie said, “For GOP senators and congressmen, what Israel wants is their guiding principle and that trumps the safety and security of America for Americans every time”. reports:

“If anybody is confused about the current hostile and predictable rhetoric that is the trademark scripted hereto by all politicians in Washington, they are failing to understand the one singular and inviolable requirement for being in the Washington establishment, and that is thou shalt never criticize Israel or do anything that offends them no matter what,” he added.

Christie also said that such measures would not be interrupted even if they lead to American people’s “bankruptcy” or “World War III” for the human race.

Santorum had called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between Iran and the P5+1 group of nations “the greatest betrayal of American national security in our history.”

Santorum said Iranians were not to be trusted on the agreement.

The former senator is not the only candidate, who opposes the agreement, and threatens to revoke any accord with Iran if he succeeds Obama as the next president of the United States in 2016.

Santorum also took a jab at his fellow Republicans who lack the courage to take on Obama’s policies.

“They are so afraid to fight,” he added. “They have now decided that the only way to survive is to go along with him.”

President Barack Obama has come under fire from Tel Aviv following the recent nuclear breakthrough with Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly criticized Obama.

The JCPOA is currently undergoing scrutiny in Congress. American lawmakers have a 60-days period to review the deal and approve it. Congress will need a two-thirds majority to cancel the agreement.

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