LEAKED: Bill Gates AI Plot To Install WEF Leaders Worldwide in 2024

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Bill Gates is planning to use AI to interfere in elections and place World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders in positions of power around the world in 2024 in a desperate attempt at evading justice for his crimes against humanity.

Bill Gates is planning to use AI to interfere in elections and place World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders in positions of power around the world in 2024 in a desperate attempt at evading justice for his crimes against humanity.

How do we know what Gates is planning? Because, as usual, he has told us all about his plans in advance. Gates has an uncanny track record of predicting future black swan events, and coincidentally being perfectly placed to profit from them when they happen.

As Robert F. Kennedy Jr says, Gates enjoys nothing more than playing God with the lives of people he considers “lesser humans” and it’s high time we catch him in the act and ensure he faces justice for his slew of crimes.

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Bill Gates, whose wife divorced him over his creepy friendship with the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, is running scared as the people of the world continue to wake up to the reality of his evil agenda.

Gates’ is now planning to use AI to create a dystopian future of equity over equality, also known as modern day techno-communism, or the ideology promoted by his cronies in the World Economic Forum, to seize power and shut down dissent.

Gates and the WEF’s 1984-style dystopian vision places control – total control – in the hands of the authoritarian global elite.

In an interview published in CNET, Gates declared that he believes “the 2024 elections will be a turning point for both health and climate.” Why is he so confident things are going to swing his way?

Because, as the globalist billionaire explains to his cheering liberal audience, he plans to use AI to mass brainwash people into voting for the dangerously woke candidates supported by the global elite.

Citizens from nearly 60 countries will head to the polls this year to elect leaders at all levels of government. Those countries are home to more than 4 billion people which is more than half of the world’s population.

With Young Global Leaders ruling over more than half of the world’s population, Gates and the global elite will have carte blanche to impose their authoritarian agenda of carbon taxes and open-air prisons, also known as 15 minute cities.

AI is at the heart of the globalist agenda to impose their authority on ordinary humans. Just ask Klaus Schwab’s right hand man, the prophet of Davos, Noah Yuval Harari.

According to Harari, decisions about you and your life are going to be made by AI. Will AI decide you are worthwhile – or will AI decide you are from, what Harari gleefully terms, the “useless class” of humans.

It’s all about control. Total control. The average person is so brainwashed by the mainstream media that that, like a frog in a boiling vat of water, they will not realize their fate until it’s too late.

Gates, who suddenly became America’s largest owner of farmland in 2022, is not finished there. He is planning to seize control of the whole world’s farms and the global food supply.

What if farmers don’t comply with Gates’ plans to alter the DNA of their crops, permanently seizing control of their produce? We have already seen in the Netherlands what happens when farmers oppose the globalist order. According to John Kerry, US farmers should take heed.

Make no mistake, the global elite are gunning for total control of humanity.

Anyone who thinks it’s an exaggeration to describe the WEF as a modern-day techno-communist global government has not been paying attention.

Watch as Schwab boasts to Google co-founder Sergei Brin that the globalist elite are moving towards a world in which elections are no longer necessary.

Forget the will of the people. According to the WEF, it’s time to remove elections altogether.

The WEF is already an unelected global government. Schwab wants to expand that.

Why do we need to double-down on our efforts to expose the elite and wake up as many people as possible? Because the World Economic Forum has urged government’s to reduce their populations by 86% “as a matter or urgency” in order to save planet and give the globalist elite a “higher standard of living.”

The most recent demand was made by WEF official Dennis Meadows, who argues that the massive depopulation drive can be achieved “peacefully” if the human population is sufficiently brainwashed into accepting their fate.

Meadows is a long-term globalist thought leader and one of the authors of the Club of Rome’s 1972 pro-depopulation book “The Limits to Growth.”

According to the senior WEF executive, the elite plan to murder you “peacefully” and in a civil manner.

Should we let them seize total control over the human race and implement their evil agenda? Or is it time for Nuremberg 2.0?

The results are in and it’s clear – the people have spoken.

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