UK Health Secretary Warns Indian Covid Variant Could ‘Spread Like Wildfire Among The Unvaccinated’

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Matt Hancock

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock has warned that the new Indian variant of Covid-19 could spread like wildfire among those who have not had the vaccine.

He also happened to mention that early data indicates that the vaccines work against it, in a Sunday interview with Sky News.

Hancock then urged those who are eligible for vaccination, but had not yet booked an appointment, to come forward to get their vaccine. Yet he also warns that people who have received the two vaccine doses ‘may still die’

RT reports: Hancock said the Indian variant is “becoming the dominant strain in some parts of the country,” such as Bolton and Blackburn, but early data gives the government “a degree of confidence that the vaccines work against” it.

“We’re in a race between the vaccination program and the virus and this new variant has given this virus some extra legs in that race,” he explained, “But… we have a high degree of confidence that the vaccine will overcome.”

Hancock warned that due to the variant’s speed of transmission, it “can really spread like wildfire among the unvaccinated,” and so the government is focusing on getting as many people vaccinated as possible, though with a focus on those “most vulnerable to ending up in hospital.”

Over 1,300 cases of the Indian variant have been recorded in the UK so far, according to Hancock.

He also revealed that the government will make its final decision on whether Stage 4 of the lifting of lockdown restrictions will go ahead on June 14th. If the government deems reopening to be safe, the final restrictions – including social distancing rules and a ban on nightclubs – could be lifted on June 21st.

Stage 3 is set to commence on Monday and will allow people to meet up in large groups outside, and small groups to meet inside. Indoor hospitality and entertainment such as restaurants, pubs, cinemas and museums will reopen, and a larger number of people will be allowed to attend weddings and funerals.


  1. It is so obvious what they are doing to us, trying to get us to voluntarily kill ourselves with this experimental vaccine. you people are so stupid. I told you people in my older posts that there would be a variant come out that will require more vaccines and this will never end until the day comes when they want everyone to die, and give you the Jim jones cup of ultimate kool aid. God help you idiots out there that are elbowing each other to be the first to get this poison. My God.

  2. If it’s TRUE then it’s because they got scientists to make it that way using biological weapon research funded by taxpayers .

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