Rochdale Child Sex Abuse Gang Granted Over £2 Million In Taxpayer-Funded Legal Aid

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Rochdale groomers

Members of an infamous pedophile gang in the UK have been granted taxpayer funded legal aid bills of more than £2 million.

The cost to taxpayers is about to soar even higher as the abusers prepare to launch new deportation appeals.

According to a report from the Sun, Two of the nine Rochdale child rapists, Qari Abdul Rauf and Adil Khan, are to launch new appeals against deportation to their native Pakistan.

Breitbart reports: Adil Khan and Qari Abdul Rauf were convicted in 2012 on a slew of charges related to the sexual abuse of children as young as 12, yet were both released early — Khan in 2016 and Rauf in 2014, after serving just over two years behind bars.

In 2015, then-Home Secretary Theresa May decided that the convicted sexual predators should lose their British citizenship because of the heinous nature of their crimes and the fact that they still held Pakistani citizenship, ruling that it would be “conducive to the public good” to revoke their right to remain in the country.

The predators launched a taxpayer-funded legal challenge to the decision, claiming that stripping them of their British citizenship would violate their human rights.

Though the appeal was ultimately rejected in 2018, the government has so far failed to deport the abusers, leaving them free to roam the same streets where they once preyed on young girls and even come into contact with their victims.

Khan and Rauf are both expected to launh another legal bid to skirt their deportation to Pakistan next month.

Responding to the report that the Rochdale rapists have raked in over £2 million in legal aid, David Spencer, of the Centre for Crime Prevention, said: “The legal aid system was not designed to let convicted criminals run up huge taxpayer-funded bills to exhaust every possible avenue to dodge justice and avoid deportation.”

But the Legal Aid Agency defended the funding, claiming: “These criminals did not receive a penny. It went to lawyers so they faced justice.”


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