Physicists Claim Parallel Universes Exist And Interact With Each Other – Video

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Since the mid-20th century, physicists and science fiction writers have been discussing the idea of parallel worlds where all possible realities exist simultaneously in time and space.

In a recent study by researchers from Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, they propose a theory that expands on this idea, in which the worlds interact on the quantum level.

Their theory says that there are a large number of simultaneous realities, some of which are much the same, and others where alternate scenarios play out.

Previous theories have proposed that these worlds might exist in parallel universes where events happen without interacting or affecting one another.

The part that is different about the new theory is that it says quantum forces can ripple across parallel universes.

Howard Wiseman, from Griffith University, who worked on the study is quoted as saying: “We also believe that, in providing a new mental picture of quantum effects, it will be useful in planning experiments to test and exploit quantum phenomena.”

Some experts are skeptical of the new theory, but because of the complexity of quantum physics, there is room for many new and different ideas to be considered.

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