Seized Jeffrey Epstein Hard Drives and Videos Were ‘Accidentally Lost’, Authorities Admit

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Multiple hard drives and videos belonging to Jeffrey Epstein seized by investigators during a 2019 raid on the convicted pedophile’s Manhattan residence in 2019 were “not entered into evidence” and have since been lost, according to authorities.

FBI investigators took photographs of evidence seized from Epstein’s mansion, with images of the hard drives and videos remaining publicly available.

However, the hard drives, videos, CDs, and other items were never entered into evidence and have since mysteriously disappeared.

In December 2021, a FBI special agent testified during Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial in New York that key evidence “went missing” from the Epstein raid.

Special Agent Kelly Maguire told the court that hard drives and other items were seized by the FBI from a locked safe during an initial search of the Manhattan home on July 6 and July 7, 2019.

The agent said investigators broke into the safe with a saw, and found jewelry, diamonds, “large amounts” of US currency, hard drives, and a foreign passport for Epstein under a different name.

Image captured by investigators featuring Jeffrey Epstein’s safe which contained diamonds, larges sums of US currency, a fake passport for Epstein, hard drives, and videos.
Meticulously organized evidence including CDs, hard drives, and videos seized from Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse was not entered into evidence and has since gone missing, authorities admit.

Agent Maguire, a member of an FBI Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force, said she could not comment on the content on the hard drives, videos, or CDs but confirmed the content has since disappeared and was not entered into evidence.

Boxes containing videos and hard drives were also found in other locations in Epstein’s eight-storey Upper East Side mansion. Intriguingly, some of these boxes were sealed with “evidence tape” which Maguire testified had not been put there by the authorities.

Boxes of hard drives and videos sealed with “evidence tape” by Jeffrey Epstein and later seized by the authorities has not been entered into evidence and is now unaccounted for.

Agents also found a shelf containing black binders on the fifth floor. The carefully ordered binders contained more CDs and thumbnails with photos on them.

Federal prosecutors also mentioned the now missing evidence in court in 2019 when they successfully appealed against Epstein’s request for bail.

The missing hard drives, videos and CDs are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to missing Epstein documents and information.

Jeffrey Epstein’s brother Mark revealed this week that Epstein’s pre-hospital care report written by the EMS team that supposedly moved his dead body from his prison cell have also mysteriously gone missing from the system.

According to another report, investigators found a damning trove of meticulously organized photos linking VIP pedophiles with underage sex slaves.

Court documents revealed that the photos were accompanied by CDs with labels written by hand including: “‘Young [Name] + [Name],’ ‘Misc nudes 1,’ and ‘Girl pics nude.’”

However, this trove of damning photos also appears to have been lost and has not been entered into evidence.

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