US to arm Israel with 3,000 smart bombs

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US to arm Israel with 3,000 smart bombs

The United States is to send Israel 3,000 more smart bombs as part of Washington’s military aid to Tel Aviv. The same smart bombs that killed more than 2,140 Palestinians and injured over 11,000 others this summer during one of the biggest Israeli onslaughts of the Gaza Strip.

The Department of Defense announced that the funding for the sale will come from the military package and will be paid until the end of November 2016, according to a report by Press TV

It can be noted that the United States provides Israel with about $8.5 million in military aid each day, while it gives nothing to the Palestinian side, reports IBTimes

The cost of the latest deal is estimated to be around $82 million enabling the Israeli Air Force to receive thousands of G-DAM model bombs, news sources cited local Palestinian agency Al Ray as saying.

The United States support for Israel has largely been viewed as arbitrary and has prompted several demonstrations across the country. Obama administration has been accused of using US taxpaying money for more Israeli aggression against Palestinians.

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