MSM Reporter Asks President Trump About Shutting Down Grocery Stores Across America

Fact checked
Mainstream liberal hack reporter asks President Trump about shutting down grocery stores amid coronavirus outbreak in America

The mainstream media truely is the enemy of the people.

President Trump on Sunday held a coronavirus press conference where a liberal hack reporter asked him about shutting down grocery stores.

No, this is NOT satire.

“So why even have a few businesses open? Why don’t they shut everything down? Groceries stores are open, fast food places — why even take a little chance? Just shut all of it down temporarily,” the reporter asked.

So, according to mainstream reports like this – starving to death is preferable over the small risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus.



  1. We should be opening businesses up, not shutting down. You have a greater risk of being killed in a traffic accident today rather than by the Coronavirus.

    How ’bout we shut down the lying MSM? Now there’s a nonessential business!!

    • Now theres a good idea! Best one ive heard all lockdown. Surely those dark studios must be breeding pits for dis-ease

  2. Sure Lick everyone up in home detention The cops the health scare operatives, the tv brainwashing and lying con jobs ,the MSM all of en . It together Lock em all up Let Anarchy reign supreme as your evil satanic wet dream

  3. how about we shut down all public restrooms this idiot uses? I have never seen such stupidity in my life

  4. Because TPTB know that if fat Amerikkants don’t get food, they’ll go ballistic. Wheat addiction alone is similar to opiate addiction.

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