Former CNN Anchor Arrested For Hit-and-Run With Car Full of Booze Tells Police ‘It’s Hard To Be a Good Person’

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Former CNN anchor and correspondent Felicia Taylor has been arrested in Palm Beach over an alleged hit-and-run incident. Taylor told police “it’s hard to be a good person” after police found opened bottles of white wine and a silver thermos of unidentified alcohol.

The retired anchor-correspondent who worked for CNN International’s “World Business Today was arrested on July 28 after she allegedly hit another car while driving her white Mercedes, causing injury to the other driver, then fleeing the scene, according to Palm Beach Police said. Taylor denies the charges.

According to the incident report, Taylor, 57, struck the rear bumper of a black Ford, driven by a 24-year-old man, which was stopped in traffic ahead of her Mercedes.

His vehicle was struck from behind by the white Mercedes. The impact caused [him] to strike the steering wheel, causing multiple complaints of injuries,” the report states.

However, following the impact, Taylor’s Mercedes was seen “fleeing the scene of the accident without rendering aid or stopping to provide information,” the report adds.

Page6 report: Taylor, who is well known on the New York City, Hamptons and Palm Beach social scenes, was then seen twice driving past the scene of the crash in her car, which had “sustained heavy front end damage” without stopping, the report said.

She was then pulled over by a police officer who stated, “Taylor acknowledged being involved in a traffic crash and the other driver was ‘OK.’

Taylor continued to state that she wanted to go back to her house . . . and the accident was ‘not a big deal.’”

She told the police officer she was traveling from The Colony Hotel, “and when confronted that the Colony Hotel was closed, Taylor didn’t have a response.”

She denied being on prescription drugs or having imbibed any alcohol, and the police officer added that he did not smell alcohol on her.

Felicia Taylor was found with an open bottle of white wine, plus a silver thermos containing “an unknown alcoholic beverage.”

The other driver was treated at the scene by EMTs and complained of jaw, head, neck and back pain. Taylor was evaluated twice by EMTs and was found to be unhurt.

The police officer added, “Prior to the crash, Taylor stated she was at a restaurant on Worth Avenue and then stated she was at a restaurant in the Royal Poinciana Plaza. We were unable to locate a restaurant that recalls Taylor as a guest.

Taylor also “wanted the injuries of the other driver to be substantiated” and stated “the damage to her vehicle is her problem, its ‘hard to be a good person’ and she didn’t stop at the accident scene because she didn’t know there was anything to be concerned with,” the report also states.

Taylor was arrested and taken to Palm Beach County Jail, where she was charged with careless driving and leaving the scene of an accident involving injury. She was released on $3,000 bail and has entered a not guilty plea.

Her Mercedes was hauled away by police, who found a bottle of white wine that was three quarters full, plus a silver thermos also three quarters full “of an unknown alcoholic beverage.”

Taylor with CNN colleagues during happier times

Taylor, who was also the co-host of Retirement Living TV’s “Daily Cafe” until 2009 and worked for WNBC-TV from 1998 to 2006, was previously arrested in 2015 for drunk driving.

She was busted with a blood-alcohol level more than three times the legal limit after side-swiping another car in the Hamptons, police said.

Taylor was reportedly so drunk after the late-afternoon accident on Sept. 4 on Main Street in Sag Harbor that she was taken to Southampton Hospital “for medical evaluation,” according to police. She was charged with aggravated DWI.

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  1. Yes it is hard to be a good person when you work for CNN. You basically sell your soul and have to constantly lie day in and day out. Can’t imagine what that would be like.

  2. If she hadn’t worked for CNN it would just be one of hundreds of thousands of similar drink driving incidents recorded everyday. Alcohol is a really bad drug and far too readily plied by government for tax revenues, It has no real health benefits except to aid digestion of people who over ear especially red meat and even then is still the real major cause of bowel cancer which is a bigger killer than lung cancer and was even 15 to 20 years ago when smoking was still very common. But they don’t want people to stop drinking Not at all
    They like them drunk because it cause unwanted pregnancies and they harvest the abortions or the children donated to orphanages. I suspect.

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