YouTube Bans All Anti-Vaccine Content

Fact checked

YouTube is blocking all anti-vaccine content in a new attempt to stem the flow of ‘misinformation’, it announced in a blog post on Wednesday.

The online video platform, which is owned by Google, said it is putting the ban in place after seeing false claims about the Covid-19 jab spread to misinformation about vaccines in general.

The platform is also banning prominent anti-vaccine activists including Joseph Mercola’s channel and the Robert F. Kennedy Jr.-linked Children’s Defense Fund.

NYPost reports: It is also targeting content that includes misinformation on the contents of approved vaccines.

The new ban applies to all vaccines — not just those for COVID-19.

Among the channels being removed under the new policy is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense Fund, a YouTube spokesperson told the Post.

Channels belonging to author Joseph Mercola, health blogger Erin Elizabeth and Ohio doctor Sherri Tenpenny are also being removed.